But Mr Ambassador, with all this German food, you are making us Fat!

Sunday 14/11/2004

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Diary and Notes

I hope you all had a peaceful Eid-al-Fitr.

More German food, what with the deliciousness of yestderday and having already had Schnitzel a week or two ago, what's this crazy man up to? Has he gone native?

I have to confess that today's meal was more a case of what was in the fridge, than any great effort to come up with something to make you all gently smile and rub your skinny bellies with envy. Still, it was pretty good and considering the freezing weather we've been having, some hearty Deutschenvolkssonntagsabendnoschen can't be a bad idea. (That's a real German word by the way, I didn't invent it).

As I had my friend Mark visiting, I decided to make a full English breakfast this morning and send him packing back down South with at least some food in his belly. We had fried eggs (unfortunately I broke the yolk on mine, not a proper British fried egg at all), baked beans (which weren't like proper British baked beans), sausages (which weren't like proper British sausages), toast (which wasn't...) anyway, come the evening I had some sausages left over, some tiny little spicy nurenburger sausages, that look a bit like white chipolatas (and are on sale at Aldi and Lidl in Britain, for next to nothing). They were fine for breakfast and I knew they'd be fine for dinner too.

Just what to serve with them? "What would Helmut Kohl have chosen?" I thought and 'ping' like a flash of genius I knew... knödel.

If I were going down the 'dinner like Helmut eats road', knödel was the travelling companion I'd best take with me. There's even a song to whistle while as I go and a lovely couple to play along with me you really have to see this. (I think they'd do a lovely accompaniment to the rap song of Trick-Daddy).

So knodel it was to be, with some green beans which I had left over from my homage to old Yasser on Friday. I also had a can of Aldi pfifferlinger mushrooms, some creme fraiche and half a bottle of white wine in the fridge. What joy, what rapture. Will this constant culinary pleasure never cease?

Cake Blog

Today is my favourite cake in the world. I went to P-cafe for their home made marzipan torte. It isn't like a marzipan cake in Britain in that it has no marzipan on it, it's flavoured with marzipan. It's light, spongy, chocolatey and delicious. A bit like a marzipan tiramisu.


  • Nurengburger sausages,
  • Knödel,
  • Green beans,
  • Pfifferlinger in cream and white wine sauce,
  • Potato bread.


    Apart from the sauce everything is obvious.
    Sauce: Onions, olive oil, bacon, white wine, creme fraiche, black pepper, pfifferlinger mushrooms.


  • Everyone knows how to cook knödel, so I don't need to go into that. I did however, after cooking them, shake my knödel in the tasty fat from the sausages.
  • Sauce: Gently fry the onions in a little spiced olive oil until soft, the oil I used was flavoured with chillis, rosemary, thyme, black pepper and garlic, I'll probably write a thing on how to flavour oil that doesn't go mouldy or take three years to infuse and put it somewhere on this site soon. Add the chopped bacon and fry a little more. Turn up the heat and pour in some white wine. Reduce to 1/2 volume. Add the mushrooms and loads of black pepper, cook until the mushrooms are good and warmed through. Stir in some cream. Simple and delicious.