Ikan Kukus Bumbu Cabai. If you say it three times, a giant fish demon will appear and gobble you up.

Wednesday 17/11/2004

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Diary and Notes

I have truly done my pennance for my evil deeds of Monday and been forgiven by the cosmic forces which control all things. I know this for a fact because, unless I am about to die and the universe were giving me one last final great meal, then the absolute deliciousness of tonight's dinner demonstrates that all is well and back in balance.

No ranting and a raving today. No, today, only love for all the world and especially for the little tasty fishes swimming in the sea, one of which was my dinner tonight. And a special love for the fish who even now, sits in my belly, giving me protein and a warm healthy glow.

So what was so great about this fish and what sort of fish was it? That is not something I can actually answer. I went to my usual place for some fish (Karstadt) and there was presented with a range of all kinds of fishes, none of which I could recognise nor understand the name of. Again, being bad at German and not having a dictionary with me, I picked one at random that looked good and took it home for dinner. It think it was called something like victoriabarschien. It looked very much like a haddock fillet but had a beautiful pink glow, a bit like the kids from the Ready Brek advert who were living too close to Sizewell b.

"And pray tell Jon, what did you do to this fish fillet that made it such a magnificent treat?"

Ikan Kukus Bumbu Cabai I say in reply, Ikan Kukus Bumbu Cabai. Indonesian style steamed fish. If I die tonight from food poisoning or rampaging Americans hell bent on revenge, let me be buried at sea off the shores of East-Java. Let my body be given to the sea and eaten by the little fishes and shrimp therein, so that the cycle of holy life may continue and everything shall eat everything and be happy until it is eaten.

If you think I'm being over the top, cook this dish and then decide. It may be the best thing on my blog so far.

Sleep well my little fishy friends, for tomorrow I may come with a net.

And if you do make this (and you should make this), any firm fleshed, white fish will do (haddock, cod, snapper, bass, skate...).

Cake Blog

Mandelblätter: A bit like an oblong custard danish pastry, very tasty indeed with a cup of coffee at lunch.


  • Steamed Indonesian style fish,
  • Noodles with green beans.


  • Fish: Fish fillet (I don't know what type it was but it was red and meaty and big), spring onions, peanut oil, lemon grass, fresh lime, chilli, Thai fish sauce, fresh coriander, garlic, ginger, basil leaves.
  • Noodles: Egg noodles, green beans.


    Make a sauce by liquidizing the garlic, ginger, chilli, fish sauce (nam pla), lime juice, peanut oil, stalks from the fresh coriander and some water. It should be about canned soup consistency. Put the fish on some foil and pour over the soup. Cover with more chopped coriander leaves, chopped basil leaves, lime zest, whopping handfuls of spring onions and some bruised lemon grass. Wrap in the foil, leaving some room for steaming but making sure that no air can escape and bake for about 35 minutes. When cooked, pour the liquid inside the foil parcel onto cooked noodles and green beans. The noodles should be swimming in the tasty fish broth. Remove the bruised lemon grass from the fish, place the fish on the noodles, with all the herbs and spring onions and enjoy.

    If you have some crushed, unsalted, peanuts, these would go well sprinkled over the top, I unfortunately didn't.