Saturday 15/10/2005


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Diary and Notes

Babysitting! Me? Are you mad?

It's things like this that bring one out in rash of punctuation - mostly exclamation marks and question marks. It almost makes me wish I was Spanish so I could use ¿ and ¡ to start the words too. But notice I don't use more than one question mark or exclamation mark at a time, something that is really irritating and should only ever be done by 12 year old schoolgirls writing in their diaries.

"Yeah, and Josh said he fancied Camilla!!! What???? Yeah, like whatever!!!!!"

Irritating isn't it???

Imagine a twelve year old Spanish girl's diary:

"¡¡¡ Si, and José said he fancied Maria!!! ¿¿¿Que??? ¡¡¡¡Si, like whatever!!!!"

And they probably do say "Yeah, like whatever." Just like kids all over the globe.

So I've been left holding the baby and complaining about bad punctuation )something i no doubt, am guilty of: on "numerous" occasions?).

And using quotation marks like I did with "numerous" is also likely to bring me out in a murderous rage.

So while I babysat Fran and Matt's little treasure Charlotte (8 months old, sits giggling harmlessly and then falls asleep at 8.00 as regular as clockwork - quite the easiest babysitting job ever) I thought I'd have some 'sitting in front of the telly food' - it is a Saturday.

I haven't given the recipe for my home made sausage rolls - they're just some Cumberland sausages, opened up and rolled in puff pastry. A few home made chips as well and it wasn't a bad TV dinner.


Cake Blog

Bounty Cake Bars: There seem to be a lot of things around with the word cake in the title lately. These were actually quite good.


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