No Time and No Planning

Monday 17/10/2005


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Diary and Notes

It was almost a distaster, a complete disaster and only a few days to go. I was a bit busy today so didn't get any time to go shopping for something special. Also, in the evening I have an art class from 6-9, so time is limited and I hadn't actually bought anything in for dinner. I thought I'd have something sitting around just yearning to be cooked, but when I got home it wasn't quite what I had hoped for - just like poor Old Mother Hubbard the cupboard was bare.

Of course I had an absolute enormous selection of flavourings/spices/things in jars but nothing that I could really call food that I hadn't had before. It wasn't looking - promising.

I did have a few eggs and some matzo crackers. I could have made mazto brei but that's not really a dinner and I was really hungry.

I kept on looking.

Cans of fish: Sardines, tuna, anchovies, smoked oysters... but I wasn't in a fishy mood and there wasn't really anything to go with them, not even any bread.

I had some frozen mince but it would take too long to make anything decent with that.

And then there was my saviour, shining like a star in the night - hidden at the back of the fridge was some pre-made mushroom tortellini.

I've no idea where it came from (probably one of my housemates) but it would be my St. George to the rescue.

I also had quite a selection of canned vegetables - artichoke hearts, asparagus, that sort of thing.

So today's dinner was a bit of an emergency concoction. The mixed italian vegetables (which I am calling a medley because I am a pretentious twerp) was some artichoke, asparagus and giant porcini mushrooms cooked in a little rosemary and thyme flavoured oil with salted capers, olives and Parmesan cheese. It went really well with the pasta.

I dressed the toretllini in a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil and that was that.

The whole shebang took about 7 minutes and by 10.00 I was sitting watching Yes Prime Minister on DVD and drinking an excellent bottle of red Burgandy I'd bought in Asda for 6 quid.

Exeter tomorrow - I'll wear a hat.

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