"Gentelmen, Start your Ducks..."

Sunday 9/10/2005

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Diary and Notes

I'm back in the Midlands today, just down the road from the home of the Balti curry where I was on Friday (playing pretend of course) - only we've moved upmarket somewhat. No more the bleak industrial sprawl of Birmingham, Telford and Wolverhampton, oh no, today we're in classy Bridgenorth amongst the Union Flags* waving from rooftops, Conservative Members of Parliament doing the rubber chicken circuit and old ladies in twinsets and pearls.

Gone are the dreams of the future with Britain as the thrusting powerhouse of an integrated Europe, replaced by more sedate, safe, memories of Empire and former greatness. Come back Churchill, come back Maggie, you'll make Britain great again.

Ok so I am taking the piss a little - I know that not all the people of Bridgenorth are like that, it's actually a lovely place and I shouldn't be so rude (not like Shrewsbury - now they really are snooty, they can't even pronounce the name of their town properly). And considering my chum Laurie (a Bridgenorthonian or whatever they are called) cooked me an excellent wild mallard today, from a local recipe given to him by his Mum, I shouldn't really be too mean. Perfect, local, country food - a whole wild mallard cooked in a traditional way - life is spoiling me.

And to misquote an old 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' sketch:

A man asks a hunter who is carrying two ducks he's recently caught, "Were the ducks wild when you shot them."

And the ducks reply, "Wild, we were bloody livid."


*The British flag should only be referred to as the Union Jack when it is flying on a ship or as livery on an aeroplane - otherwise it is the Union Flag.

Cake Blog

Crème Brulée Lemon Cheesecake: From Asda - very good indeed, although I think they may have missed the grave and acute accent off.


  • Roast Mallard
  • Mushroom, Bacon and Citrus Sauce
  • Roast Potatoes, Parsnips and Carrots
  • Steamed Broccoli