Pink Cake and Burpy Kebabs

Monday 10/1/2005

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Diary and Notes

The holiday is over and I'm back in the South-West of England. I'm sitting in front of my computer and wondering what's it all about. I don't yet have anywhere to live (a friend of mine is putting me up for a few days) and so the opportunities for cooking up great feasts will be severely limited for a while. There is a small kitchen here in the maths department, but it feels odd making tornido rossini while students shuffle by on their way to their baked bean and fried egg dinners. Once I get some better accommodation I shall endeavour to please, until then I think the odd take away may be on the cards.

That's an idea Jonny Boy, use this as an opportunity to review all the fast food/take away options available to us happy shoppers. So that's the plan. Until I find somewhere a little more ameniable to my cook-and-be-damned lifestyle, I'm going to eat fast food.

I think I should point out that this isn't some 'Super-Size Me' type madness, I'm not going to be repeating any meals, weighing myself, checking my liver function etc... I'm just going to eat some fast food and waffle on in a pretentious manner about how it's all too salty and hasn't got enough fresh vegetables etc...

So what was today's culinary delight? A sheek kebab, in pitta bread, with salad and hot sauce. Served with some chips of course - and a can of orange Tango.

So what pretentious guff can I say about this?

Firstly I'll say that for 5.10 it was a rip off. If I were in a kebab eating city (Manchester for instance) it would cost about 4.00 and would be on nan bread, not stuffed into tiny stale pitta. The sheek kebabs (long tubes of spiced, minced lamb, cooked on a charcoal grill) were underdone, not all burned on the outside like they should be and were flavoured almost exclusively with processed garlic which made me burp for hours. The chilli sauce was ok, and they offered me extra salad and gave me a good dose of pickled chillis on the side. It wasn't the best kebab ever, but then I'm in Exeter where traditional English food reigns supreme so what should I expect. Maybe I should have had a pasty.

Cake Blog

Pink Cake: I had this at Reed Hall (Exeter University's posh noshery) when I managed to scrounge a free lunch from my supervisor. The lunch wasn't really free as he made me entertain some visiting maths bod from Bristol all afernoon and even attend a talk - there's no such thing as a free lunch. The cake was very strange indeed, being composed entirely of coloured air. They said it was raspberry and mango cake but it was actually just pink. It even tasted pink. In every way the pinkest thing I've ever eaten since candy floss.


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