The Christmas Curry Cavalcade Commences

Wednesday 22/12/2004

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Diary and Notes

"Cu-rree!" The chant of the thuggees echoed through the hills; "Cu-rree, cu-rree, cu-rree." they called to their devil goddess. Gunga Bhaji peeked his head over the rock behind which he was hiding and felt the fear of pure evil run through him. They spoke no other words, just the slow, rhythmic low chant of "Cu-rree." Would their goddess reply?

They shambled, heads cloaked under brown hoods, two abreast in long file towards the great temple. Each one bearing an offering of gold and silver to appease the many armed devil and her bloodythirsty high priest. "Cu-rree." Only the hypnotic drug they sought would sate them and prevent their killing frenzy, only the fabled Cu-rree and Cobra beer.


Today, some people from an earlier blog, Kev and Spook, plus me and some of my other Swindon chums (about 10 of them) curried it up. This is the Christmas ritual in these parts and cannot be refused. When the curry calls, you must obey.

It may seem unwise eating curry on a Wednesday and cutting down my culinary options for later in the year but what can a poor boy do? Curry on the menu, curry in the belly, that's my motto.

We went to a new restaurant in West Swindon called something along the lines of Saffron Spice (I think). The food wasn't bad, but I think you can get better in this town. My jalfrezi did have loads of lovely green chillis to munch on (as it should) and the sauce wasn't too runny or bland. The naan was a little small though. As always with these affairs it was a bit of a free for all food wise, I have noted what I ordered but couldn't rightly say what the full menu consisted of as I tend to just hoover up anything that doesn't get eaten by the people who order too much.

Anyway, it will be curry again tomorrow and then it's Friday and curry night is mandatory. I don't mind, this to me is heaven.

Cake Blog

Spiced Yule Log: A bready affair with fruit and spice. Iced and decorated to look like a log.


  • Chicken Jalfrezi
  • Pilau Rice
  • Naan Bread
  • Okra Bhaji