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Monday 24/1/2004

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Diary and Notes

It's starting to get a bit tricky going to visit people. This nosh-blog thing is just beginning to limit my options. Tonight I'm in Manchester, visiting my friends Gavin and Jacinta. I've come up on the train and have a hankering for some tasty traditional North-West cuisine, but what if Jacinta has made a lovely roast beef dinner for me? How will I be able to refuse?

Also, as I am starting to plan ahead a bit (out of necessity), there are certain things I don't want to eat, as they'll be good for special events/parties etc... later in the year. And what if they're having a pizza? That would be my only ever pizza and then I'll be stuffed at some other point. Oh woe, woe to this foolish gamble I have taken up.

Fortunately tonight didn't turn out to be a problem and I think my saviour was children, armies of them.

Happily for them, my fecund friends are blessed with three lovely, slightly boistrous offspring, who manage to drain all the energy from their parents on a daily basis. As such, and this being a Monday, it's "Let's sod the cooking and have a take away" night, and knowing my good chums as I do, that means Jon will have curry. Yippee, sing hussar for my friends and their love of spicy food.

We got a take away from the Jai Kathmandu in Northenden. This is a Nepalese place (which is very similar to Indian only slightly less hot). I scoured the menu for some time, looking for the oddest dish (though both Gav and Jacinta vetoed the kidney masala) and plumped for something I'd never heard of before - a bary masala. This was some spicy patties of lamb in a gingery sauce. Quite tasty indeed. We had some aubergine bhaji too and quite a few glasses of wine, port and wiskey.

I should point out that on the top of the take away box, instead of writing Bary masala, they had written Bury masala. Maybe the dish wasn't from Nepal at all, but from twenty miles North of where I was staying in the town of Bury. You see, traditional Northern cuisine after all. Just what I was after.

Next time, whatever anyone says, I'm going to try the kidneys.

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