A vibrant taste explosion, tantalizing the taste buds and transporting me to a fantasy realm of beautiful dancing girls and mystic peacock warriors, playing sitars, dilrubas and tablas, their tantric sutras inducing stillness in the seven chakras and drawing me closer to oneness with nyeti-nyeti; that which is both nameless and cannot be named, yet is at once the turning wheel of samsara, and yet stillness.

Friday 28/1/2005

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Diary and Notes

The Swedish guy on the desk next to me is chewing bubble gum with his mouth open again. Chomp chomp chomp! As such, I am having a rant to vent my anger.

The Tantric Bar and Grill, Boston MA serves Muttar Paneer for $11.95. The restaurant claims to be a vibrant and contemporary restaurant serving dishes which tantalize and delight the senses where visitors will be transported to an exotic country filled with memorable food and timeless beauty.

This is of course, utter guff.

Today I made some muttar paneer and including the expense for the paneer, which I could have made for next to nothing if I had the time, the entire dish must have cost about 1.50 (pounds). With some rice, naan and lime pickle, I reckon I made this whole meal for about 2 quid. This would have cost twenty bucks at our snooty Boston bistro (where I have never been and am just using their website for and example for my rant). No doubt there are places like this in London where people pay exhorbitant prices for some cheese and peas in curry sauce, more fool them I say. Plus, I doubt if there's tasted as good as mine either.

And what's a tantric bar and grill anyway? What has a bar and grill got to do with the tantra shastra? It's not much different from having a; Revelation of St. John the divine, carwash. At least there the Whore of Babylon might give you a good turtle waxing. Twats!

Oh and to any pedants, I know I had muttar paneer as a side dish on 23/12/2004 but check the rules. I don't think you can have me on this one.

Cake Blog

Tunnocks Tea Cakes : Damn fine. In addition to the manufacturers link, check out: nicecupofteaandasitdown.com one of the finest food websites anywhere on the web.


  • Muttar Paneer
  • Basmati Rice
  • Naan bread
  • Lime Pickle


  • Curry Sauce, Mung beans, paneer, ghee, cardamon pods, cinnamon, cloves, garam masala, fresh coriander, creamed coconut, salt.


  • Soak the mung beans for an hour before boiling. Change the water they were soaked in and then boil for ten minutes (unless boiled, beans can be poisonous), then turn the heat down and simmer gently for a further hour or until soft.
  • The curry itself is really simple to make. First cut the paneer into small 1cm cubes and fry gently in a little ghee. Add the dry spices and fry for a further three minutes. Add the home made curry sauce (not too much garlic for this curry), add the cooked mung beans. Stir and cook for a few minutes more. Add some creamed coconut dissolved in a little boiling water and simmer until nicely thickened. Garnish with lots of fresh coriander.