Party, Party, but Where's the Curry?

Friday 31/12/2004 - New Years Eve

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Diary and Notes

It's new year's eve and it's party time. In order to make the most of the excitement I've come to the best city in all of Britain; Manchester, to see my friends, drink and to do what people generally do on this most joyous of days. I got the train from Bristol and arrived raring to go.

"But it's a Friday isn't it? Doesn't that mean you have to have curry for dinner, or are you going to wimp out?"

Aah, I never actually realised it was a Friday, what with all this travelling about and not working etc... to be honest I don't actually know what day it is. Plus I shall be partying, I have two different parties I have promised to attend (confusing I know) and shall eat whatever is on offer. Perhaps there will be some curry.

The first place I went was no dice. My friend Jacinta, though laying on a fairly decent spread didn't plan for me needing to eat curry. There's all the usual British party food, including an excellent selection of cheeses, but nothing I could call a curry (unless you count a particularly spicy chutney that somebody had given my chum Gavin for christmas). Oh dear, is the nosh-blog going to fail after less than three months?

Of course not. What sort of friends would I have if there was no curry on offer anywhere tonight? My pals Fran and Matt will have made the effort, I'm sure...

When I get to Fran's almost all the food is gone. Ok, so New Years Eve parties are about booze and not food, but I have a nosh-blog challenge to fullfil and things are looking bleak. But then I'm saved. It was a close run thing I know, but Matt has saved me a baked potato and the remains of a giant pot of vegetable curry he made. All the chilli con carne has gone however and it's a bowl of various vegetables, all stewed away in a spicy sauce for dinner. It wasn't a bad vegetable curry at all, very traditional for these parts. Grab a bowl and dive in. A few more beers and some wine a wiskey helped see in the new year and I remember having a debate with somebody at about 3.00 am about something or other before waking up all full of happiness and energy for the new year ahead. Great night and more importantly, I managed to get my curry.

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