Burn the Witch!

Saturday 12/3/2005

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Diary and Notes

I was in the mood today to be mean to my favourite object of ridicule - Jill Duplex . There isn't any reason for this except I have been neglecting her of late. I confess I have completely given up reading food sections in any of the newspapers (and have stopped reading papers entirely) having become disillusioned with their implied snobbery, the fact they always mention things I can't afford, can't get my hands on or sound pretty disgusting and they are so centred around the 'scene' in London where they believe all life exists that I can't be bothered any more. But in order to have a dig at good old Jill, I thought I'd have a read of her latest musings on the web - and yippee! What a gem I found.

Some time ago (see Nosh-Blog 5/1/2005) I had a real moan about a restaurant in Bristol called Fishworks which I think is completely overrated (and vastly overpriced). It it the very essence of everything about going out for dinner that makes me fume - bland food, badly prepared, with an uninviting atmoshpere that makes it hard to relax and enjoy a leisurely time, run by people who think they are blatantly superior to the common uneducated peasants who frequent their eatery and frequented by snobs who believe that they are superior to the common staff who run the place. I have no time for the fishworks nor for any other trendy bistro where the seats are uncomfortable, the central heating needs to be turned on and everybody eats in a hushed silence for fear of sneers and tuts from the other diners.

But read Jill Duplex 3/3/2005 and you will be given a completely different idea of the place. It seems that our lovely Jill had a lovely time and everything was lovely. All the fish were saved from extinction and she came home inspired - again, yippee!

I didn't have fish for dinner today, I had pork, tasty, meaty pork, covered in mustard and baked in foil in the oven (en papillote to be fancy) and a pile of steaming hot spuds on the side (and frozen peas). I don't really dislike Jill, I have no idea what she's like at all, but I know people who are very similar to my image of Jill and it's them I really want to throw stones at.

And Fishworks of course, which I really don't like.

Cake Blog

Cadbury's mini egg nests: An extremelty sweet concoction of chocolate swiss roll (with a luminous yellow filling that can't be good for one's health), covered in chocolate with chocolate flakes sprinkled on and a chocolate sugar coated egg. Very sweet. I only managed three.


  • Pork Loin with Leeks en Papillote
  • Garlic Potatoes
  • Peas


  • Pork: Pork loin steaks, whole grain mustard, olive oil, thyme, leeks, salt and pepper.
  • Potaotes; potatoes, milk, butter, garli, black pepper, salt.


  • Pork: Rub wholegrain mustard all over the pork steaks then fry in a little oil just to brown on each side. Place on some foil, sprinkle over some thyme, salt and pepper. Slice the leeks, blanch for a minute or two in boiling water and put on the foil. Wrap the foil into a parcel leaving some air inside but making the seal airtight. Back for 20 mins in the oven.
  • Potatoes: Peel and slice some potatoes into thick rounds. Boil in salted water until just soft. Mince the garlic and mix with some milk. Arrange the potatoes in a dish and pour over the garlic/milk to cover them. Add a few knobs of butter, season and bake until golden brown.