Sleepwalking to My Doom!

Monday 14/3/2005

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Diary and Notes

I was a little tired after work today (I had dome some work - that was the problem) and wasn't feeling overly chipper, so was mooching along slowly, daydreaming about dinner and food and other things (mainly eating) when I noticed I was in the middle of the road and a car was just about to knock me over. I jumped backwards and was just saved, the thing sped past, missing me by about 2 cms.

"Phew." Thought I, "that was close, I really must look were I am walking."

I also noticed the driver of the car making an obscene gesture to me as he sped off and then my brain set to work, accessing the short term memory and the records of my perifery vision as to what had just happened. In flashback, I was able to recall the moment leading up to my strolling aimlessly into the road and my near squashing.

The guy who nearly knocked me over didn't even make an effort to stop, I remembered seeing him staring straight at me with a steely "I'm not backing down" expression and ploughing onwards. I remembered him actually looking at me as he drove onwards, not swerving or attempting to miss me, expecting me to be the one to jump first - and it's lucky I did.

Ok, so I was on the surface at fault. I wasn't paying attention and had wandered into the road where I was nearly killed - but who hasn't done this? How many people can honestly say they've never been pre-occupied with something else and sleepwalked into oncoming traffic. It doesn't happen often but I doubt if there's anybody who hasn't had a similar experience.

But what of the driver? Why didn't he attempt to slow down or stop?
I imagine if I asked him he'd say something along the lines of "Hey mate, you were the one who wasn't looking where you were going." And feel that he had justfied his acitons.

So what he's saying is that he was looking where he was going and was still going to run me over anyway.

This is often how it works. Who in this situation is at fault? Me, for absent mindedly putting myself at risk (though only myself, pedestrians tend not to kill people by bumping into them) or the driver for thinking because I am at fault in some way he has the right to run me down?

And in the end fault is irrelavent. Even if I deliberately had walked into the road, pig headedly deciding that I should have right of way, he still should have stopped - we don't have the death penalty in this country for murder, so why does he have the right to instigate one for jaywalking?

The philosophy of "You should have looked where you were going." doesn't stand up to logical scrutiny. If we were both walking along and bumped into each other then it might be viable, but for a man to nearly kill somebody because he can't be bothered to slow down a little is unjustifiable.

I have noted down the car's number plate and if I see it parked somewhere I am going to smash the windows in. I will then use the excuse that he should have made more effort to read my blog and kept a watchful eye for me in order to protect his investment. See, my vandalism is all down to his lack of action. I am not to blame.


This was the best risotto I have ever had. I don't know if I was just lucky and got the ratios/timings just right, or if it was the stock from yesterday, or it's just that I am so bloody good at risotto. I doubt if anyone, anywhere on the planet has ever had one finer.

Cake Blog

A Bonne Maman raspberry tartelette. They come in packs of about 12 and are little jam tarts individually wrapped in plastic. I didn't buy them, my friend Stacey did. A packaging salesman's dream and an environmentallist's nightmare.


  • Risotto of Baby Clams
  • Bread


  • Olive oil, onions, garlic, carrot, celery, Vialone Nano rice, bay leaves, chicken stock (from yestderday), green peppers, baby clams (canned), parsely, black pepper, salt, Parmesan cheese.


  • Dice the onion, carrot & celery and mince the garlic, sweat gently in a little olive oil. Add the rice (about as much volume of rice as you have vegetables in the pan) and stir, frying the rice a little. Add the bay leaf and cover with stock, turn the heat down low and let it simmer gently. Every now and again add a little more stock so that it doesn't dry out. After about 10 minutes stir in some finely chopped green peppers and the canned clams. Cook gently until the rice is nicely plumped up (taste it to see) - when the rice is cooked, season, stir in some fresh parsley and loads of grated parmesan cheese.