Insane in the Membrane

Thursday 17/3/2005

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Diary and Notes

Regular readers may remember me talking of my slightly odd father turning up and signing over his cars to me (see 15/2/2005). As I pointed out, he's gone a bit loopy and is off to live on a boat in the Med and there is some problem with his driving license in that he keeps getting caught speeding and is a hazard to other motorists and himself.

Today, through my letterbox, I received a letter from the police informing me that one of my cars (I don't know which, I have so many now) was clocked doing 80mph in a 70mph zone and they had photos to prove it. Now I am pretty sure that I wasn't the one driving the car (I was in Exeter at the time and the offence was committed in Wales) so the only other possibility is that the mad old giffer is in the country and driving around getting me into trouble. It's only been three weeks, you though he might have let me have a month or two to lull me into a false sense of security. I have informed him I will be putting the cars back in his name and I will no longer be a car owning dude (not that I every actually had them anyway).

Old and mad people should not be allowed out for the good of society. If any of you ever bump into my insane father could you please call social services and have him taken away.

In honour of my insane father I thought I'd cook a Scandinavian dinner today. I was going to make pikanter oxrulader but then thought it was too similar to the beef olives I made during 70's week (apart from some extra anchovy) so decided against it. What I did make was a tasty Swedish dish slottsstek, a rich beef stew (with anchovies) which accorgding to my chum Oskar (Swedish guy on the desk next to me) is very popular over there and is common as a sort of microwave ready-meal type affair in supermarkets.

It was quite a strange tasting dish, though actually very tasty. The ingredients are oddly similar to the sort of things found in ancient Roman recipes, and I wouldn't be surprised if this dish had a very ancient heritage indeed. My slottsstek wasn't entirely traditional as I didn't have any molasses and used honey instead (giving it even more of a Roman feel). Also some recipes call for a drop of brandy in the mix as well, but I was all out.

This is the first Scandinavian meal I've had on the blog so far and in honour to my Norwegian heritage I shall do more later. Pickled whale steak anybody?

Cake Blog

Almond croissant


  • Slottsstek
  • Mashed Potato
  • Carrots


  • Beef, onions, vegetable oil, allspice, white wine vinegar, beef stock, anchovies, honey, black pepper, parsley.


  • Slice the onions (a lot of onions) and fry until just turning brown. Add the beef (cut into chunks) and brown this also. Pour over the stock, some allspice, a spoon of honey, a few chopped anchovies and some peppercorns. Stew gently for 1 1/2 hours (and a thick gravy has formed). Sprinkle in loads of fresh parsley and season.