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Sunday 30/1/2005

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Diary and Notes

It's Sunday and my flatmate Cherry has invited some of her friends over for dinner. As such I'm keeping out of the kitchen until they've finished, to avoid the horrendous mess she will make. I plan to make myself a simple salade nicoise, for which I have a good selection of ingredients. I wait until things quieten down and head to the kitchen to survey the damage. Yep, it's pretty darn messy.

There's pancake batter on the walls and floor, washing up everywhere, the cooker hob is caked with a strange black goo and a wierd gelatinous blob is sitting on the table, it's two plum like eyes, stare at me like a particularly effective Dr Who prop.

Although her friends are downstairs, Cherry is still cooking. She's offering me her food!

Normally I would decline. The salade nicoise would win out. I've seen and eaten authentic chinese food before and it's not my thing. Take for instance fried lettuce and garlic. Take some whole cloves of garlic (about 10 per person) and fry them until brown and then stir in some shredded lettuce. Eat with rice for lunch. Nope, not my thing at all.

Now I know not all authentic chinese food is like this, but quite a lot of it is and I normally avoid it, but these days I am a culinary explorer, out trekking through the Himalayas and Alps of the gastranomic world and must try everything that is offered, so I am unable to refuse - and what's for dinner you ask? Yep, that's right, wat's for dinner.


It's like the old Who's on first base. sketch.

"So what is for dinner?"

Korean wat and slip.

"I am none the wiser I have to say."

Cherry has made what she calls wat, a korean style pancake. I've tried finding a recipe for them on the web and the nearest I could find was Kong Namui Buchimi, which sounds pretty similar. I think wat may be the Chinese name for them. The ones Cherry made were a little salty, but with a bit of chilli sauce (you'll notice that the clever girl has provided two varieties) they weren't too bad. What came with them was very strange however.

"What was that."

Enough of the Abbot and Costello I think, don't you?

Served with them were pork slip and fish slip, both of which I've never heard of before or would like to hear of again. Fish slip is powdered fish. It tastes a bit like the flaked abalone you get in Japanese restaurants but is powdery and salty and not very nice. Pork slip is even stranger, it looks like brown candy floss but tastes like meat. It is also really dry and salty and unfortunately for me Cherry piled loads of them both onto my pancakes and then stayed around watching me eat. The wat was easy to get down, the fish slip was harder and the pork slip was a similar experience (I imagine) to chewing a pig's beard.

I ate quite a bit and looked at Cherry with a "Do I win a prize?" expression.

She had also made dessert. "Oh god, it's not that I hope." Was my thinking as I looked at the Sployd from the jelly dimension with it's plummy eyes and liquid body. Of course it was. What sort of a torment would this be without having to eat something composed entirely of glue?

I have to thank Cherry for introducing me to new things, that's really what this nosh-blog is all about. It wasn't bad really, just a little weird. It was however better than the KFC I had, and I also managed to each more of this than the Elvis Velvet, so it's by no means the worst thing I've had so far. It was however the strangest.

What was?


Cake Blog

Stewed seaweed and oriental plums. A strange gelatinous clear jellyfish like substance with a few powdery plums in a slightly sweet gloup. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, although I only managed to eat about 2/3rds the bowl I was given.


  • Korean Pancakes
  • Pork Slip
  • Fish Slip
  • Hot Chilli Sauce
  • Salty Chilli Sauce

  • Stewed Seaweed and Plum