Never Try to Cheat Your Friends

Thursday 3/3/2005

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Diary and Notes

Anansi and Ginger Dog, trible trible troo de forest. Dey's good friends, but Ginger Dog, he got some shiny fur and anasi but a ickle spider wid big scary eyes. Bot' a dem is mighty hungry and dare aint no food nowheres for dogs and spiders hereabouts so Anansi say why don't dey go an lay a trap for some John Crown and Dog say yeah.

Now dares two ways they can make a snare. Ol' Ginger Dog can make one outta his fur and Anansi can spin one outta his web. But Anansi is clever and lazy and tries to trick Ginger Dog, sayin' John Crow love the colour of gold and Ginger Dog's fur will lure him outta da trees sure-'nuf.

So Anansi and Ginger Dog make a snare outta da shiny fur and lays it on the ground, but Ginger Dog is mighty cold widout his fur and starts a shiverrin'. "Go stand aways Ginger Dog, you's gonna scare off da crows wid all that shakin and a shuflin'." So Dog goes aways and Anansi waits for da crow to catch sight a all dat gold.

Now when John Crown see da shiny fur he come over all greedy jus' like a schemin' crow an' swoop down an' get caught in da snare. Now Anansi is mighty hungry an' tink to himself, "I an I can be eatin' all dat tasty crow 'cause Dog is aways a shivverin and don't know dere's no crow to be had." An he pounce on da crow and try to gobble him all up. Now Anansi is clever but he aint so mighty strong as a John Crow no ways and da crow start to scream and beat on poor ol' Anansi mighty hard.

Now Ginger Dog hear all da commotion an a come a runnin but is too late. Ol' John Crown goes an flies off into da trees an Anansi has got a mighty sore eye.

So Anansi and Ginger dog aint got no food in dare bellies and Ginger Dog aint got no hair and Anansi has a sore eye.

Anansi promise never to try to trick his friend Ginger Dog again.


Jamaican food again today, so I thought I'd write an extra Anansi story. My chicken and callaloo was pretty tasty, plus some rice and peas. I managed to buy a can of gunko peas in R.L.Hira (everyone's favourite Exeter shop) but kidney beans are almost as good. The callaloo is West Indian spinach and is similar to ordinary spinach, but a bit more woody and has a good 'meaty' texture. Don't skimp on the ginger neither, it makes you good at loving.

Cake Blog

Banoffee pie and ice cream and chocolate sauce: I went for a drink at a new Weatherspoons pub in town (the George Meeting House) no atmosphere and uncomfortable chairs. I did have my days swee tthings there however and very sweet it was too.


  • Chicken and Calaloo
  • Rice and Peas


  • Chicken: Chicken legs (skinned and jointed), vegetable oil, chicken stock, ginger, canned callaloo, lemon juice, spring onions, salt and pepper.
  • Rice: Rice, vegetable oil, canned gungo peas, thyme, fresh chilli, creamed coconut, black pepper.


  • Brown the chicken in a little oil. Mince the ginger (use quite a bit, you want it Jamaican spicy) and add to the pan. Pour over the stock, a squirt of lemon juice and bubble away for 30 minutes. Add the callaloo, loads of chopped spring onions and season. Stew for a further 15 minutes.
  • Rice: Dissolve the coconut in boiling water. Add the canned peas (including the liquid) and the thyme, pepper and minced chilli. Boil for a few minutes then add the rice. Cover and cook slowly until the rice is soft but not stodgy.