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Friday 4/3/2005

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Diary and Notes

This may come as a surprise, but for two years of my life I used to be a vegetarian. Why, I don't actually know. I had no philosophical or religious reasons for this, nor was I trying to eat healthier or lose weight. It started out as a test. I said to myself one day "I wonder what it would be like to go a whole week without eating meat." Two years later I decided it was time to stop.

One great advantage about having bean a vegetarian (and not being one anymore) is I've had a lot of practise cooking vegetarian food. I've had it all; vegetable lasagne, vegetable pasta bake, spaghetti with tomato and vegetable sauce - all the things that vegetarians eat and more besides (try penne and ratatouille, that's different). I've eaten every lentil, bean and green thing that grows on the planet and some that maybe are from further afield - and today's dinner was a classic of my holier than thou years of enforced unhappiness.

Don't be fooled however - though the menu below may seem fearsome to many it was quite tasty. Curried eggs are about as fashionable as wearing a black Marillion T-shirt, sporting a mullet and having body odour all at the same time (the three go hand in hand) but should be reintroduced into the diet of your average man.

And when I open my vegetarian restaurant (called The Angry Passage) these will be on the menu every Friday.


The sauce I used for these eggs was based on some left over tomato curry sauce I had frozen a week before. Always handy to be thrifty I say.

And did you spot the deliberate, not very funny, spelling mistake

Cake Blog

A cherry and cream turnover. Like a cream apple turnover but with cherries. Very tasty.


  • Curried Eggs
  • Spinach Bhaji
  • Brown Rice
  • Pitta Bread


  • Eggs: Eggs, left over tomato curry sauce, creamed coconut, fresh coriander, garam masala.
  • Spinach: Onions, spinach, ghee, garlic, ginger, green chillis, garam masala, black pepper, salt.


  • Eggs: Simmer the eggs in water for 15 minutes (if you boil them hard the yolks go green). Peel, then prick them all over with a pin to allow the sauce to penetrate. Bubbvle away gently in the sauce for about 10 more minutes. Add some creamed coconut and allow to dissolve. Sprinkle over some garam masala and fresh coriander.
  • Spinach: Fry some chopped onions until just starting to brown in a little ghee. Add the garlic, ginger and chilli and turn the heat down to prevent the garlic burning. Stir in the spinach and season.