Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fish

Saturday 5/3/2005

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Diary and Notes

Shiver me timbers!

I'll tell thee a story of great bravery on the high seas. A tale so full of terror that you'll never fear even the mighty Kraken again. I talk of the story of Jack Blood and the mighty fishcakes.

Giant they were. Each massive ball of fine white muscle over 200 grammes in weight. Each one covered in a crispy bread crumb and fortified with parsley and pepper. Aaargh, they were a mighty sight to see. A school of five beauties, barely held together with a morsel of potato, all swimming in unison, ready for the catching.

And old Jack Blood, he's got the eye of the hunter. He turns the ship around and heads straight for them.

Take care I says to he. Don't you dare try and take two, no man can wrestle with two of these monsters at once - but old Jack he doesn't listen.

Well, he fought hard. Again and again he dived in, hacking and chopping at the fishcakes. For nearly half an hour they fought. The battle was long and hard and even mighty Poseidon would have wavered before the vicious onslaught.

Yet Jack Blood was no match for the mighty fishcakes - no man can wrestle with two, no man.

Goodbye Jack Blood. We'll sing ye a shanty in old Plymouth town and drink a jug of grog to your bravery.

Cake Blog

Rock cakes: I got these from Tesco. If you fed them to the ducks, the ducks would sink.


  • Giant fish cakes
  • Warm Potato and bean salad
  • Lettuce, cucumber, watercress & cherry tomatoes
  • Crusty bread and butter


  • Fish Cakes: Cod, potatoes, parsley, salt, white pepper, egg, bread, oil.
  • Salad: Salad potatoes (eg Charlotte, Jersey Royals), green beans, olive oil, red wine vinegar, wholegrain mustard, salt, black pepper.


  • Fish Cakes: Peel chop and boil a few potatoes until they're quite soft, then give them a good mashing. Mince the fish, mix with the potato, chopped parsley salt and pepper. Form into balls, egg and breadcrumb. Fry until golden brown. Don't use too much potato. I made giant fishcakes using about 200 grammes of cod and just enough potato to hold them together, which wasn't very much. You might have to handle them very delicately however.
  • Salad: Slice the potatoes into rounds and boil until soft. About five minutes before they're ready add the beans to cook. Drain and drizzle with a dressing made from the mustard etc... Serve warm.