Sally Pussey's Aint What it Used to be.

Sunday 6/2/2005

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Diary and Notes

I have a hangover.

I imagine that it comes as no surprise after last night. I didn't do my usual trick of drinking massive amounts of water, I was still up at 4.30 playing poker and drinking beer. Oh well, at least I can treat my chums do a fine dinner with my poker winnings. So where to go in Swindon for dinner, a town famed for its haute cuisine and fine dining.

There was a bit of a debate and we eventually decided on the Sally Pussey's Inn, an old traditional style pub that has been serving food to the upstanding citizens of Swindon since the railways first came. A warm, country pub, that has comfy lounge style seats and a real fire.

Or it used to at least.

We were a bit surprised when we arrived to see it had been turned into a French transport cafe - or at least it looked like one. I've not been in a more lifeless and uninviting pub in years. Still, they seemed to have a fair selection of food and the place was really busy so it couldn't be too bad could it?

My advice to you if you are unlucky enough to be in the vicinity is DO NOT GO TO THIS PUB!

It was crap, absolutely crap.

I ordered a beef in wine pie, which turned out to be some not very well cooked chunks of silverside in a really bland gravy, with a piece of puff pastry just stuck on the top. This really irritates me, how can people call it a pie just because it has a lump of dry, tasteless, quick baked dough on it. Nobody should be allowed to sell these things anywhere. I wanted a proper pie, where the meat is cooked with the pastry as a pie should be. (Try the Lansdown in Clifton, Bristol for a really good pie). This was just rubbish. I had some vegetables that were overcooked and a few chips. It wasn't even cheap.

Nobody else had anything good either. What I don't understand is why the place was so busy. Surely there are better places to go for somthing to eat in Swindon on a Sunday.

I also think that it is a crime to riun such a lovely old pub by making it lifeless, removing all the old features and installing rows and rows of tables and bright lights. Burn down the Salley Pussey's Inn and build it anew. It's the only hope for the world.

Cake Blog

Hazelnut and Chocolate croquant at Swindon Railway Station. It was quite good but very expensive for just a cake.


  • Beef and wine pie
  • Chips
  • Brocolli
  • Carrots
  • Red Cabbage