Don't Try This at Home

Sunday 17/4/2005

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Diary and Notes

At last I have it, the stuff, the business. My sauce has arrived and I am going all out for fun, fun, fun.

A few weeks ago (see 19/3/2005) I mentioned I would be getting some REALLY hot sauce and having a go at making something mind frazzlingly hot to see how I react, well, the sauce is here and I'm cooking myself something simple and tasty to test out my tolerance to such things.

I should firstly thank my friend Phil Welshegg (doctor of chemistry no less and should know better than to give idiots dangerous substances to play with) who brought me a boxed set of hot sauces back from America as a gift. The box (from includes three 'sauces' and one 'ingredient' and I did have a little taste of one of the sauce yesterday with my breakfast of eggs, beans, sausages, bacon hash browns etc. I only used a tiny drop of the Mad Dog Inferno Special Reserve but even the tiny droplet made my mouth burn and brought me out in a sweat.

Today I cooked something using the sauce as an ingredient to see if it had any actual culinary use apart from proving how hard I am and I have to say it was a tad on the spicy side.

The entire meal had one teaspoon of the sauce (and three green chillis but I think these made no difference at all) and was amongst the hottest things I've ever eaten. I wont say it was the absolute hottest, that honour belongs to a chilli con carne I made once by reducing handfulls of fresh chillis in oil for several hours to make a spicy oil base, but considering the chilli took about a pound of fresh chillis to make and this only required three chillis and a teaspoon of sauce, I think it was pretty special. I could have added a drop of extra sauce while I was eating but the meal was already hot enough to make me feel really quite odd for half an hour or so, that I didn't bother.

My American friend Ben (who claims to be able to eat hot things) wanted to try a bit of the pure sauce and was about to dollop a spoonful in his mouth when I advised him against this and he eventually settled with dipping a cocktail stick in the bottle and licking this. He very quickly turned a nasty shade of red and wasn't seen for a few minutes. This sauce is exceedingly hot and will no doubt feature in other interesting recipes.

There are two other sauces, Daves Insanity Sauce and Endorphine Rush in the box and one thing they don't call a sauce but a cooking ingredient, a bottle of Pure Cap which comes in a very ordinary looking bottle with an eye dropper - I have been too frightened to actually use this yet and it sits in my kitchen eyeing me with a dangerous "don't mess with me'" sort of an expression. Some time soon I'm going to have a little party, make some chilli con carne and test out the full range of sauces to see how they compare. Wish me luck.


By a strange coincidence I found an interesting website today by someoone who may actually be my Swedish double - Jonas (notice the similarity in names). He writes recipe books (in Swedish) about how to cook with chillis. I'll send him an email pointing out this strange happenstance and see what he says. He may have some good recipes or be just another weirdo (or both), I shall soon find out.

Cake Blog

Caramel Panna Cotta: I didn't make this, it came from the chiller compartment of Sainsbury's - not bad though, not bad at all (it took away the burning for a moment or two).


  • Mad Dog Inferno Lamb
  • Brown Rice
  • Paratha


    Mad Dog Inferno Lamb
    150g Lamb (Leg)
    1/2 Onion
    Sunflower Oil
    1 Clove Garlic
    3 Green Chillis
    1 Pepper (Orange)
    1/2 Courgette
    1/4 tsp Cinnamon
    1/4 tsp Cumin
    1/4 tsp Mint Sauce
    1 tsp Mad Dog Inferno Special Reserve
    Tbsp Tomato Ketchup
    1/2 Can Tomatoes
    Few Coriander Leaves
    Jugs and Jugs of Water/Squash/Juice/Milk
    Box or Tissues


  • Slice the onions and brown in a little oil. Add the lamb (cut into bit sized chunks), the garlic and the chopped chillis. Fry genetly until the lamb is browned all over then add the cumin and cinnamon and fry for a little longer. Mix the Mad Dog sauce with the ketchup, mint sauce and chopped tomatoes then stir in to the lamb (pre mixing guarantees a more even spread of hot sauce throughout the dish - you wouldn't want to get a mouthful of the stuff by surprise). Add a little water and simmer for 1/2 an hour until the lamb is soft and tender. Stir in some freshly chopped coriander and serve with the jugs of water nearby for drinking and tissues for mopping the brow and blowing the nose.


    *All quantities are very approximate and for a single person