Stag Do

Saturday 30/4/2005

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Diary and Notes

Only a short one today - busy, busy, busy.

I have been away at a stag do (or bachelor party as our American friends would say). Of course being middle aged, this is not my first stag do. I've been on loads; A boozy trip to St. Malo, a hunting lodge in Scotland, massive piss ups camping in Devon, a three curry marathon in Swindon, pot smoking in Amsterdam, a party in Shropshire and one or two others I can't even remember. This affair was fairly low key - we're all getting too old and boring to be flying off to Prague - just a simple, traditional, pub crawl and a curry.

For dinner we went to a restaurant in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Of course I've been to this curry house before - I've been to every curry house before. This isn't one of my favourites, Malmesbury being a very old fashioned sort of town the people don't really go for curry and all the dishes are creamy or sweet and there's no 'oomph' like there should be. It's all trainer curry - very anglicised.

I managed to find something on the menu I hadn't had before - a Shally Gosht (whatever that is - it was a quite dry lamb curry and came with loads of fried carrot on top, very odd indeed). It wasn't as strange as the person on my right, who got something resembling chicken in milky baby poo, with lychees. (I think I've just given away the recipe).


The food was OK, but not what I'm used to. The one thing I should mention is the Bombay duck. I like Bombay duck, dried spicy fish (not duck). Unfortunately this Bombay duck was awful, fried so viciously that all moisture had been driven out and it had become painfully dry and crispy and flavourless at the same time.

Still, not a bad stag do meal - I've certainly had worse curries than this (Plymouth, Portsmouth and Haverfordwest being the prime examples of where not to go for a curry). We had some wine, ate our food and then went to the Three Cups for late night drinking. That's the joy or small towns in rural areas, they don't close the bar until everybody dies through liver failure.

We'd even remembered to record Dr. Who, for when we got back - Exterminate!

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