A Little Coriander For Garnish Would Help...

Thursday 7/4/2005

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Diary and Notes

This NoshBlog is starting to have an affect on my social life - both good and bad. I am still in Manchester and am visiting some different friends today; Gavin and Jacinta, who have invited me over to sample their booze (as is my custom). Jacinta is cooking and when I explained to her that not only would I be reviewing her food, but I would be photographing it as well, she was overtaken with shock and needed a touch of the vapours to bring her round.

Her reaction was perfectly understandable. It's a bit of an imposition to go around somebody's house for dinner and expose their cooking to all the world. Many people would feel that it wasn't worth the effort and would refuse. Two days ago my chum Curtis did an excellent job with his Bulgarian creations (5/4/2005) but I did get the impression he was making a bit of a special effort, especially where presentaiton was concerned, on account of my blog. It was bad enough when people thought I was just requiring them to cook something not on my list of previously eaten creations, but now this, when will it all end?

So poor Jacinta, who has three children to look after, had to make a special effort for me so that she doesn't look bad and has her womanly skills insulted over the internet. I think that in a few months people will stop inviting me for dinner entirely and I'll have to sit at home eating my own slops and watching tv.

Not today however! Jacinta has done me proud. I think she may also have spent a moment or two longer on presentation that might have otherwise been the case, but the food would have been excellent if she'd stuck it in an old washing up bowl and made me eat sitting on the floor. We had an excellent oriental style chicken and vegetable dish that was flavoured with lemon, lime and coconut, a chocolate roulade for dessert and a selection of cheeses including some really quite superb crumbly Lancashire (we are in Manchester and it's the local cheese of choice).

My trip to Manchester to visit my friends was supposed to be a quick get away whilst my boss was out of the country, but it is turning into a gastranomic odyssey of excellent standards. It's a shame I will have to come home.

Cake Blog

A very tasty chocolate roulade. Years ago it would have been called a chocolate swiss roll but people are going up market and want fancy desserts with fancy names.


  • Citrus Chicken
  • Pilau Rice
  • Naan Bread

  • Chocolate Roulade

  • Cheese (and port)