The Poshest Curry Ever

Friday 13/5/2005

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Diary and Notes

I'm was moving to Manchester today, or at least I thought I was - there was a slight change of plan and now the move is tomorrow. Instead I visited my good friends Dr. Philius Algenon Oswald Welshegg (formerly of Atlanta Georgia, now living in Salsbury England and making chemical weapons for export to dodgy regimes in the far East) and Ms. Sarah Hermione-Persephony Chuckles (who breeds evil bacteria to destroy said dodgy regimes, should they try to use the chemical bombs on us). We will be joined by my old chum Laurie Winston Montgomery Cooper from Manchester for a curry at the very posh curry house in Salisbury I mentioned some time ago (see 15/4/200) which is always busy and requires booking.

As is the custom on such occasions, we had a few cocktails before our carriage arrived - I chose a very dry vodka martini (one drop of Noilly Prat swilled around the glass then tipped away, followed by some ice cold vodka and a twist of lime), Sarah Chuckles chose a cosmopolitan (not worth describing as it has cranberry juice in it) and Dr Welshegg plumped for a French martini (lots of vermouth). We sipped and chatted and awaited the arrival of Mr Cooper (who was fashionably late) and then set off to the restaurant for our dining pleasure.

So how was it you ask? Just look at the bloody photos is all I can say.

I'm more used to a Friday night consisting of six pints of Special Brew and scrumpy snakebite, then off for a chicken vindaloo and a fight than this. What's going on I ask you? Is this realy a curry? Have I failed my NoshBlog challenge?

No it was definitely a curry and a fantastic one at that. It was a little saltier than I would have liked (and I said so and the waiter was very offended) but all in all a fantastic dining experience. Who would have thought that a pokey little town in Wiltshire would hide such a gem on the culinary map?

Sadly I can't remember the name of the place. I will ask my friend Dr Welshegg and update the blog when I learn it. All in all, top hole old beans - top hole indeed.

Cake Blog

Mango and papaya sorbet: We weren't sure if it looked like boobs on a spring or a very odd shaped willy. Make your own mind up, either way it was delicious.


  • Kakor (Indian crab balls)

  • Tandoori Lamb Rack on a Bed of Spicy Mash with Coriander Sauce
  • Stuffed Paratha

  • Mango and Papaya Sorbet



    I recieved an email from Dr Welshegg who has provided more information on the very posh curry (though he seemed to think this was an everyday meal - used to fine dining, dancing girls and orgies wherever he goes).

    The Restaurant was called Anokaa
    (60 Fisherton Street, Salisbury SP2 7RB, 01722 414142)
    We sat at Table 5 devouring the following between four hungry bods:

    Pre dinner drinks:
    3 Cobra and 1 Gin&Tonic

    Rioja Crianza (2 bottles)

    Galuti Kebab
    Harryali Kebab

    Lamb Rack (You)
    Duck Jalsha (Laurie)
    Delhi chicken curry (Sarah)
    Narikel Duck (Me)

    Side dishes:
    Indian Bean and Spinach
    2 Stuffed Parathas

    Mango and Papaya Sorbet
    Strawberry and Raspberry Sorbet
    Mint Chocolate Pudding



    Phil did forget to mention the excellent truffles that were served afterwards but I seem to remember him leaving to use the toilet and we may have eaten his whilst he was away.