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Wednesday 18/5/2005

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Diary and Notes

I went out for dinner with my idiot friend Laurie today. He's currently in a bit of a flap about becoming a dad (not yet, the sprog is on the way) and needed some manly company to get him back on the straight and narrow (I am famous for my sagely advice, which always involves me recommending lighting a bonfire and staying up all night barbecuing steaks and drinking whisky - much better than an hour with a Jungian headshrinker).

We had a few small beers then went to a Turkish place in Chortlon-cum-Hardy (lovely name) the Turkish Delight (original). I've been here a few times and although the restaurant section is located behind the kebab shop and has the feel of a bit of an add on, the food is usually quite good and it's not too expensive. I was particularly eager to go for some Turkish food as I haven't had any since Cafe Divan in Göttingen some months ago and was missing it somewhat.

So how was the food?

Very tasty indeed. I should point out that my dish of firin kebab wasn't a kebab in any sense of the word, but some Turkish style stewed lamb shanks with potatoes. I don't know why they called it a kebab, I think that the people at the Turkish Delight call everythng a kebab, even the coffee ("Coffee kebab sir? Would you like some sugar kebab and milk kebab too?)

I should mention that the waiter got very nervous when I started taking photos of the food and writing the names of the dishes on a piece of napkin so I wouldn't forget (I've had problems with names in Turkish restaurants before - see 16/11/2004) - I think he thought we had come from the council health department to spy on them. I explained what I was doing and why, but he still wasn't looking happy - hovering around in a shifty manner, never taking his eyes off us. You can't blame him I suppose, we were lucky he didn't turf us out.

So a very tasty meal all in all. I managed to cheer up my chum, and gave him some advice on life in general - as usual this involved him lighting a big fire in his back garden and having a late night drinking whisky. Cave man therapy I call it - get back to the tribal life - all you need is a fire, a stick to poke it with and a mammoth bone to chew on and life is good.


The photos look a bit odd as it was quite dark where we were sitting and my phone camera doesn't have a flash (who want to use a flash in a restautant anyway - I was trying to be discreet). I bumped up the brightness and contrast using a photo editor which left everything still a little strange.

Cake Blog

Sambaba: Or a rum baba to you and I. Very sweet, sticky and went down a treat with a cup of Turkish coffee.


  • Kilic Baligi (swordfish on skewers)
  • Firin Kebab (Turkish style lamb shanks)
  • Rice
  • Red Cabbage
  • Chilli Sauce

  • Sambaba
  • Turkish Coffee


    *All quantities are very approximate and for a single person