My First Payday

Friday 27/5/2005

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Diary and Notes

Aah, what better day can there be than payday? And what better payday than the first. There is always a moment of anticipation on your first payday, "Will they have remembered me? Will they have sent the money to the correct account? Will the machine eat my card and not let me draw out huge wads of cash to go on a week long beano?" That sort of thing.

To make payday even better, there was a 'do' at work today. I'm not sure what it was in aid of (perhaps to welcome a new shining light in the world of mathematics to the department) but basically involved a load of fine wine and some excellent nibbles. I managed a glass or two of Sancerre, a Rouilly, a Chataeu Neuf Du Pape and a Pouilly Fuse before heading off for my curry appointment in Rusholme.

So where to eat today? Surely one of the finer eateries to celebrate my new found wealth. No today we're going bargain basement: My chums Finney and Tahira are saving for a giant trip around Asia and want to go cheap - then it's the Shezan or nothing.

There are two Shezans in Rusholme. one has a license and the seats are comfy and the decor neat, the other (directly opposite) is a grotty lookng place where you can bring your own booze. Guess which one we went to?

So what's today's 'Friday night is curry night' curry? Kidneys that's what. There aren't many pplaces that sell kidneys (gurda) and if it wasn't for my NoshBlog challenge I probably wouldn't have ordered them - I'm not a great fan of kidneys, but Jon eats everything, so kidneys it is. I think the kidneys were a little chewy after (probably) having been defrosted in a hurry before cooking (I can't imagine many people order them) but the sauce was excellent. I (as usual) had a part of every dish everybody ordered and as there were five of us goot a god selection. The food at Shezan is great, you know this must be true as the place is a bit of a dump but has managed to stay open for over 20 years. People come for the food (and the price) and not the ambiance.

So my weekend beano began with some excellent wine and a cheap (£9.50) curry, I'm sure there will be more delights to come.

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