Help! The Place is Infested

Saturday 28/5/2005

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Diary and Notes

I have to say I was warned, but I just didn't listen. I've was invited to a thing at my freinds Simon and Kath's house, who are having a party for their daughter's fourth birthday. The theory goes: They have invited about 33 children to come, there will be a bouncy castle, a jolly jester, screaming, crying and fights. About 6.00 the evil hoarde will go home and the evening will be spent in adult company having a glass of wine and chatting about the gold standard and the recent troubles in the colonies. I was also warned that they would be serving pizza for dinner and I might want to bring something along for myself, in order not to scupper my blog. "I haven't had pizza yet." was my response and I decided that pizza was the dish of the day.

But when I arrived all was not well in the world of Jon for the little horrors were still there. OK so there weren't 33 (more like 3) but it was enough to put me off guard and almost off my dinnner.

If the truth be told I'm not really a grumpus who takes no delight in the laughter of children, I don't dislike them at all. I do like to pretend to be a mean old thing as this prevents people asking me to babysit or help out when the poor little mites have 'accidents' - it's all a bit of a ruse, a scam and has served me well for many years.

So did the kids put me off my pizza? Of course not. There were a few different varieties on offer, but none of them spicy or with pepperoni (Simon is a veggy and Kath doesn't like spicy food). The spinach and ricotta was good and I took a photo of Simon having a go with a pizza cutter. I'll be making pizza later at some point (as the rules permit) and mine will be covered in salami, pepperoni and chillis - as all good pizzas should be.

Cake Blog

Pink Castle Cake: Almost as pink as the pink cake I had at Exeter university some time back - almost as pink.