A Massive Lunch, Waffles, then more Curry!

Sunday 29/5/2005

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Diary and Notes

My sister Kerry and her husband Mark came to visit today and we went into town to shop and enjoy the sights. It was lunch time when we arrived so I thought 'what better than a walk into China town and a little smackerel of something' to start the day. If this were 'LunchBlog' I would have taken about ten photographs of the buffet lunch that we then indulged in: I myself limited my intake as I knew there would be more food later in the evening (there were plans for another trip into Rusholme for a curry) and had to content myself with some char sui pork, some char sui duck, a little chicken, prawn toast, battered crab, salmon cake, prawn crackes, spring rolls, chicken wings, two types of spare ribs, crispy duck and pancakes, sweet and sour chicken, beef in black bean, spicy stir fried pork, rice, noodles, mushrooms and about six other things I can't remember.

Afterwards we trotted off to the posh shops (Selfidges and Harvey Nics) just to be seen (though I did buy some excellent if expensive Disaster Bay chipotle sauce in the food hall) then went for coffee (I was actually looking for chipotle chilli powder but nobody in the entire city had even heard of it).

Later in the evening we just had to go into Rusholme for another fine Indian meal. I have been harping on about Rusholme to everybody I know for years so anybody who comes to visit always wants to go and check it out. Today it was one of my favourites, Monsoon Nights, which I've mentioned a few times before.

It may seem a little silly going out for another curry, especially as I am beginning to run out of things to order which are different from what I've had before. After Friday's kidneys, today I plumped for some keema (minced lamb). As far as I can remember the only time I had curried mince was during 1970's week and a proper keema curry bears no resemblance to that foul horror of yesteryear.

So another curry classic is notched up and my options become more and more limited. I think I'll cook a curry next Friday, something very bizarre. I did see some octopus in Selfridges...

Cake Blog

A Belgium Waffle: We went to Urbis for a cup of coffee and I also had a waffle. It was absolutely brilliant, quite the best waffle I've had in years. In addition to a waffle there were two scoops of home made vanilla ice cream, a ittle diced fruit and a fruit coulis, maple syrup and dusted sugar. Yep, this was one classic waffle. The coffee was good too.


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