A Grand Day Out

Monday 30/5/2005

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Diary and Notes

There's folks as say 'tis grim oop North, but what do they know? Happen they don't know nowt!

Today, as it's a bank holiday here in Britain there's no work for me. Instead we've decided on a little cultural tour of the city - to see a few of the sights. It's a bright, sunny day (no rain at all and no black pall of smoke from the mills) so what could be better. First off we went to see Britain's largest public scultpure, the B-of the bang. It's a fantastic work of art and kudos to the people who built it. Afterwards we headed to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the planes, trains and space machines (plus a Dalek and a Cyberman). They also had a Dinosaur exhibition on, which, though nothing at all to do with science and industry as far as I can tell, was a bit of a laugh.

As we had already had a massive breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs, black pudding, beans, fried bread and toast, we weren't in the mood for a massive dinner and instead of going to a swanky restaurant just headed to Dukes 92 for some cheese and bread.

Doesn't sound great does it?

Then you've never been to Dukes 92!

Dukes is a great place and the cheese is particularly good. There are a few other pubs in Manchester that operate on the same principle as Dukes (The Mark Addey for instance) where for £5.50 you get a MASSIVE piece of cheese, half a loaf of excellent crusty bread and as many pickles as you can eat. There are about 30 cheese to choose from and 5 patés and if you want they will give you two half sized pieces of cheese or 1/2 paté half cheese.

And when I say massive that's what I mean. In the photo above the plates contain the half sized portions. It would be cheaper to buy your cheese are Dukes than in a supermarket or deli.

So a grand day out was had by all and in true Wallace and Gromit style was finished with a nice piece of cheese. No Wensleydale though, I'm not sure if Gromit would approve.

Cake Blog

I just had some McVities Homewheat when I got home (remember biscuits count on my cake blog too). I didn't photograph them as they weren't that interesting to look at, although they are a damn fine biscuit. Instead here's a photo of a T-Rex I took with my phone camera. The beasty was roaring and snapping when I took it but I wasn't afeared. (I knew it was just a puppet.)


  • Mature Cheddar, Dolcelate, Lancashire with Black Pepper, Ardennes Paté
  • Crusty Brown Bread