I Messed Up Her Photo Op

Sunday 5/6/2005

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Diary and Notes

I wasn't being mean, I just didn't think. After yesterday's massive route march my body was in need of some hearty sustanance and I just dived right in without thinking. Shame on me.

My friend Fran cooked dinner today, and being cogniscent of my eating perculiarities made a special effort to cook something, tasty, different and above all photogenic, of course in the hope that her food would look good and stand up to the scrutiniy of my discerning reader, whoever that might be.

When she brought the food out it was all neatly and smartly arranged in baking dishes and bowls. All tastefully garnished and pleasing to the eye, but I didn't wait and just grabbed a platefull, took a quick snap and then got eating. It was damned tasty and something I would never have thought of making nor had even heard of before.

I did make a bit of an effort to place the food neatly on my plate so as to demonstrate how good it looked. Taste wise you'll just have to guess. Apparently fish baked in tahini and lemon is a common dish in Israel and went down excfellently with a glass of red wine or two after a hard day sitting around complaining of aches and pains.

And to anyone who is wondering why I never managed to catch up with the other mathematicians bimbling along the Pennine Way yesterday, they took a different (shorter) route. I should also point out that their shorter route was also less hilly and avoided the gruelling slog up Kinder Scout via Jacob's Ladder. And how long did the walk to Glossop take them? Five and a half hours. I would have caught them easily, if I'd known which way they were going.

Cake Blog

Chocolate meringue: From Asda in Hulme. Cheap (55p) and excellent. The meringue was just a little chewy - as it should be.


  • Baked Trout in Tahini Sauce
  • Couscous with Onion, Tomatoes and Black Olives
  • Sauteed Aubergines