I Dub Thee, Sir Loyne of Beef

Saturday 7/5/2005

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Diary and Notes

I have often been told the story of the naming of sirloin of beef and seeing as I had it for dinner today feel it should be told.

There are various versions of the story but the most likely is that of Charles II and the city of Preston (others say the story is about Henry VIII and the city of Reading, but what do they know).

Sir Thomas Braddyll who had recently purchased Samlesbury Manor was receiving the king as a guest and had arranged a massive dinner in his honour. Pride of place amongst the feast was a piece of fine English beef loin which had been roasted above the fire.

The meal went well and Charles was overjoyed. So happy was he that he decided to knight Thomas Braddyll there and then - unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) Thomas was already a lord and could not be knighted twice so the king knighted the piece of beef instead and henceforth the cut has been known as sirloin of beef.

Sadly for King Charles he was beheaded by the Roundheads a few years later. Thomas Braddyll went on to an illustrious career and was granted almost exclusive rights to the printing of the minutes of the House of Lords some years later (no doubt by bribing people with his famous sirloin). (See British History On line).

All hail sir loin of beef - a cut so tasty, that it still gets a vote on constitutional affairs.

Of course none of this is true and the name actually derives from the French, sur loigne (over the loin) but the truth should never get in the way of a good story.


I went to my sister Bonita's wedding today. Being a second wedding it wasn't a massive affair, like on Four Weddings and a Funeral, but fun was had by all and I probably had a few beers more than is wise. It wrapped up fairly early and we went home and had a barbecue. I wont write directions at to how to bake a potato or barbecue a piece of steak - I did marinade it in a little lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and fresh coriander. Apart from that, it's all pretty obvious.

Cake Blog

Wedding cake, the piece I got was about 1cm cubed - I went back for seconds.


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