Lost My Anger? I'll Bloody Well Kill Him

Tuesday 7/6/2005

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Diary and Notes

Some obviously deranged little squirt, from the wrong side of Offa's Dyke, sent me an email today accusing me of being less angry now that I have moved to Manchester. He claims, quite incorrectly, that since I've moved here, the rantings on my blog have become less vicious and I seem more at peace with the world. What complete and utter gumph. Who does this twisted little man think he is? Has he eaten one too many leeks? Has his judgement been clouded by daffodil poisoning? Have the lava and cockles gone to his head? Not angry, I'm bloody fuming!

I could easily point out several recent blog entries where I have complained about the French (yesterday,. although this was really an attack on the American occupation of Iraq), the cultural hegemony of the USA claiming that traditional British recipes are their's (twice), a rant about doctor's trying to ban long pointy knives and my disgust at finding pigs' uteri in the freezers in Chinatown. Is that enough?

What I really don't want first thing in the morning when I'm drinking my fifth cup of coffee and settling down to a hard day's writing my blog and avoiding work, is emails from the Welsh. It just sets me off on a bad day, and now my whole day is ruined. It's bad enough that I have a talk to give on Friday and have somehow deleted the entire text of it from my computer, without complaints from the Welsh to make things worse - and that's all they do.

When was the last time you turned on the telly and there was a Welsh farmer saying "...and the subsidies from the European Union to help with environmental management of the land are really helping out the Welsh farming industry." or a Single mother pushing her six little infants around a housing estate in Swansea saying "...and these new children's investment bonds are a great thing, when my little gutternisnipes grow up a bit they'll have some money put away by the government for them to buy their first rocks of crack with." or even a jumper wearing, bearded, pipe smoking Welsh nationalist saying "Yes we do have more democracy in Wales now that we've got an assembly, in fact more so than the English who have fallen behind the rest of the UK in the democratic stakes." You'll never hear any of that, because the Welsh are too busy complaining all the time.

So the next time any Welsh people want to send me complaining emails in the morning complaining about how I'm not complaining enough be warned, I'll start complaing about you.


Excellent dinner by the way. I went to the Siam Orchid (a Thai Restaurant) 54 Portland Street Manchester. Quite the best hot and sour soup I've ever had, really hot and sour and the seafood in it was superb. One of the mussels was the biggest I have ever seen and was over 5cm long. There were also some excellent big prawns, white fish, squid and mushrooms. The roast duck in red curry was also top notch. Well worth a visit.

Cake Blog

A Very horrid black forest mini roll from the Weight Watcher's range. Why was I buying wieght watchers? You ask - because I want to sample every cake available to mankind and these claim to be cakes. They're not, what they are is tasteless. Give me a proper Cadbury's mini roll any day. I'd rather be a fatty than eat cardboard.


  • Dtohm Yam Bpoh Dtaek (Fisherman's Hot and Sour Soup)

  • Gaeng Pehd Ped Yang (Red Duck Curry)
  • Gaen Khain Wan (Green Chicken Curry)
  • Khanam Jeen (Sticky Rice)