Why Salisbury?

Friday 10/6/2005

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Diary and Notes

I am utterly perplexed.

There are strange things going on in the once sleepy town of Salisbury, Wiltshire that I just don't understand.

I shall explain.

Today I gave a talk at Bristol University. I think it was fairly well received and afterwards I went for a beer to relax and catch up with some old friends. Nothing unusual here, and nothing to do with Salisbury at all, that comes later.

After my beer I caught the train to the town of Salisbury (I have mentioned this place before - see 13/5 and 15/4) and now I have come to the conclusion it is the weirdest place in Britain, an odd gem in an otherwise bland county where the people are treated to a range of curry delights without equal anywhere I have ever been.

"Better than Rusholme, Manchester? Better the Brick Lane, London? Better than Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester or Glasgow? Surely not!"

Ok so it doesn't have the range and selection of places to get curry, it's a fairly small place compared with those above, but for its size it really packs a punch. So far in my visits I've had a decent sit down meal in a good old fashioned traditional curry house, an exceptionally posh, upmarket affair which was visually stunning and tasted great, now today I shall laud praises upon the take away just around the corner from where my friends Dr Welshegg and Sarah Chuckles live. What an amazing little gem, quite fantastic.

The place is called Chutney's and it's not an imposing or upmarket looking place. Just a counter and a few seats, like take away curry places normally are, but the menu is completely original. There were about fifty things on the menu I hadn't eaten before. Ostrich curries, venison curries, pheasant and other game. They even had the famed nargis kebab ( see Nargis Appreciation Society Though we of course didn't have one of these) The menu was fantastic, a NoshBlogger's paradise.

The photos above don't do the food justice. The selection of starters is sitting on a plate made ugly by the sauces I had with my poppadoms and the plate on the right is all haphazard and no style - but it was great. Why Salisbury I ask you? What have the people of Wiltshire ever done for mankind to deserve this? Very strange indeed.

Chutney's: The House of Savoury
37 Eastcourt Rd
01722 504456

Cake Blog

Here's the selection Marc sent me from Germany. Obviously, as they were coming by post, sending the more delicate cakes that Cron & Lanz are famous for was not possible, but the little pastries and chocolate covered baumkuchen pieces were excellent. There's a florentine, a walnut cake, a hazelnut pastry and a jam pastry - plus a little packet of baumkuchen and some truffles. Fantastic. Me and my chums scoffed the lot after our curry whilst drinking some fine red wine. If I have to name a cake for my blog I shall name the hazelnut pastry as today's cake blog cake. It was like a very posh chocolaty nut brittle. Thank you Marc, you are truly a great man and shall be loved for evermore. (I am easily bought as you can see).

Menu (And spiel that came with it)

  • Poppadoms and Chutneys (of course)

  • Rois Borah (Me): Pieces of chicken covered with flour and spices, fried in oil. Recommended by Agimsir (whoever he is).
  • Boti Kebab (Sarah): Succulent lamb pieces, marinated in chutney and delicate spices. Highly recommended by Kaz. (He's the tandoori chef apparently)
  • Malai Tikka (Phil): Pieces of tender chicken breast, marinated in cardamon sauce to produce an aromatic flavour.

  • Horen Razma (Me): Venison cooked with onions and a secret flavoured sauce to produce a dish which dates back to when Indian princes hunted deer for their great pleasure.
  • Batak Jalsha (Phil): Duck firstly barbecued in a tandoor and then cooked with yoghurt, garlic and ginger to givew a sweet and sour flavour with a coconuty taste which is fairly hot.
  • Rosun Murg (Sarah): Chicken cooked in garlic sauce and mixed coloured peppers and spring onions then garnished with fresh coriander.
  • Paratha and Naan
  • Pilau Rice

    There's a lot of spiel about today, don't you think. I shall write something like this bollocks when I next cook for myself.