My Favourite King of All

Tuesday 12/7/2005

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Diary and Notes

Quite my favourite king in the history of all kings that every lived, is that most famous leader of men: Huitzilihuitl. I know everybody is in agreement when I say that he was truly a great and wise ruler and we should have more like him. Lets all give a cheer to Huitzilihuitl, the second that is, the first Huitzilihuitl was a real duffer, so I'm told.

I'm not so much a fan of Huitzilihuitl's father, the third king of Mexico, Acamapixtli. It's not that I find his heroic deeds any less inspiring, more his name doesn't have the little 'weetle' bit at the end and I think that's a real missed opportunity.

It's not my place to be lecturing anyone on thie history of Mexico and the Aztec kings but I will add that the great Huitzilihuitl led an interesting life and married more than once. he and his second wife had eighteen children, with the eldest, Chimalpopoca, becoming kind after the unfortunate death of Huitzilihuitl in 1414.

Oh how the people must have mourned.

You may enquire as to why I am whittering on about the Aztec kings and that would be a valid question. "What have the Aztec kings ever done for us?" I can hear you muttering as you read this, and I must in truth answer almost nothing.

Yes, as far as I can tell, old Huitzilihuitl never once lifted a finger to make my life any easier but that's not to say he wasn't great. So let's all raise a glass to the great Huitzilihuitl, truly the greatest king of all.


Today I'm in Exmouth for a buffet at my old boss's house. Peter is a vegetarian but still puts on a goodly spread (though a roast suckling pig or two wouldn't have gone a miss, I'm sure Huitzilihuitl would have provided some.). There was some conchigli with beans, a variety of salads, sauces, hard boiled eggs, olives, various cheeses, excellent bread and loads of fruit from his garden. The sun shone and I managed to guzzle a glass of wine or two (or was it three?).

And seeing as I'm in the area, I might buy a pasty to take back to Manchester for my dinner Wednesday, they seem to like them in these parts and it would be a shame not to give one a review.

I'll have it with some chips, lucky me.

Cake Blog

A very tasty piece of raspberry flan. The raspberries from Peter's own garden, picked fresh that day.


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