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Wednesday 13/7/2005

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Diary and Notes

Ah the pasty. Cheap old scabby meat and some swede and potatoes in a crusty shell. What better thing can there be than a traditional Cornish pasty? I said yesterday I was going to bring one back with me from Exeter and I did. I am a man of my word after all.

My train journey back to Manchester was long and boring and involved an extended stay in hell (Birmingham New Street Station). When I become Emporer I am going to have Birmingham New Street Station demolished, with all the people who work there still inside of course. I am also going to have the people who designed the automatic announcement system slowly poached in acidulated water for their crimes. Not only it is exceedingly loud, impossible to get away from and continuous, it also apologises personally and says it's sorry your train has been delayed. How can a voice recording be sorry? I think the exact words are: "I am sorry that this train has been delayed." Explain that, it's a recording, how can "I" relate in any way to a recording? Somebody must pay and the payment must be in blood. The architect who designed this tribute to Hades will also be suffering my wrath. I think a good stretching on the rack and then burning his eyes out, cutting off his tongue, dismembering and leaving him in a cactus patch should do the job. Oh well...

There was a long running debate in our office in Exeter as to which was the finer thing, the pork pie or the Cornish pasty. I was on the pork pie side of the fence but the majority (at least 1/2 of whom were from Cornwall so it wasn't an unbiased sample) preferred the pasty.

The photo doesn't do the size of the thing justice as I made the chips really big and this has affected the scale. This was a very big pasty, or Oggy as they call them in Devon (I bought mine from the Oggy Oggy Pasty Shop in Exeter). Cornish pasties were traditionally the lunch of Cornish tin miners and if their wives were feeling well disposed to them they would have had fruit on one half and meat on the other (a sort of two course lunch). These days there's no two courses and it's all just peppery meat. Mine was very tasty with some HP sauce.

Cake Blog

Crazy Chocolate Overload (from M&S): Brownie, muffin, biscuit, chunks of dark and white chocolate, fudge, mousse and whipped cream. It was big enough for three. Possibly more than I was expecting.


  • Cornish Pasty
  • Big Chunky Chips (Home Made of Course)
  • Baked Beans
  • Bread and Butter
  • HP Brown Sauce
  • Mayonnaise