I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Wednesday 22/6/2005

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Diary and Notes

The sun is shining and I am happy and well, all smiles and joy today. This does present me with one small problem - I can't think of anything to write about. I thought about covering the 'why do most traffic wardens have such fat arses, when they spend all day walking around' question but decided against it. Instead I checked the BBC website to get some interesting input and was drawn to the: Today's front pages section, where they display the front page from each of the major British newspapers (though not Scottish ones, strangely).

Today seems to be what journalists call a 'slow news day'. Of course there were several massive car bombs in Iraq which killed over 30 people, but that's not front page news anymore, we've all grown tired of Iraq and the editors think we want something different.

So what's the order of the day? The Daily Express (a very right wing, almost racist rag, which is targetted mainly at the very old or very stupid) leads with Royals cost you 61p a year. This is obviously an attempt to make the readers think "61p, that's not a lot, I couldn't even buy a loaf of bread with that. Don't you just love 'em, let's all go to the palace and wave flags, gawd bless 'er majesty and all who sail in 'er, apples and pears, cockney knees up etc." This may not seem like a lot of money, but if this is the case then why doesn't everyone in Britain give me 61p a year, I could do with a nice injection of £40,000,000 into my bank account.

The Daily Mail (right wing, tsk tsk'ing paper, always leads with health scares and how the government is letting us all die from preventable diseases, though I wouldn't want the people who write for the Mail running our hospitals): One in 11 hit by superbugs. The Mail has been running stories like this for weeks and people are even more bored of this than Iraq.

The Mirror (left leaning, salt of the Earth, aren't the common people just great): Scandal of 1m Obese Children You can guess my views on obese children being fed junk food every day - I just love MacDonalds and Burger King, I think they do great good for the world and I want to eat burgers every day.

The Sun (right wing, populist with tits): Your life for Sale They have bought the details of 1000 peoples bank accounts from a call centre in India. They also have something about Victoria Bekham on the front page as well (of course).

The broadhseets lead with a variety of dull stories: Families face fines for hiring illegal immigrant (Telegraph) Hewitt plans GP shake up (Guardian), New Strain of Superbug hits hospitals (Times, which is owned and run by the same people as the Mail surprisingly, they seem to be saving money by only hiring one team of journalists), but the very best line of all is from The Star, which as a picture of a very nice looking woman in a swimsuit holding a pair of coconuts and the line: Kelly Gets Out her Coconuts

I think I might buy a copy of the Star.


Fran cooked today and very good it was too. She has a cookboook of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean recipes and I think this was one of them. The chicken was in a saffron sauce with leeks, carrots, mussels and yoghurt. Excellent, truly excellent.

Cake Blog

Key Lime Pie: Slightly squished but tasty. I bought it from a sandwich shop with the stunningly original name 'New York Deli'. It isn't very New York deli at all, but did have Florida's second greatest gift to mankind (after the great Dubya of course) - Key lime pie. Named because it is a pie, flavoured with lime and invented in Florida Keys, obvious, but descriptive. I was joking about the Dubya by the way.


  • Saffron Chicken with Mussels
  • Cherry Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing
  • Rice
  • Bread