"Or perhaps sir would rather the sour horses milk mixed with horse blood?"

Thursday 23/4/2005

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Diary and Notes

The Mongols are coming!

Lock up your daughters, stow the valuables in the safe, get out your swords!

I hope I don't get conscripted into their army. I don't mind the brigandage, that sounds fun, it's the food I'm worried about. I hear that they live on a diet of almost exclusively sour mare's milk mixed with horses blood. Apparently they can drain enough blood from the horse to keep themselves going and not kill the poor thing. Yuk! Or even worse, yak! - But I think that's Tibet and another story.

So are the mongols really coming?

It's worse than that, they're already here. There's been an invasion and we didn't even notice.

So are we all to be put to the sword? Will they burn our crops and tear down our cities?

No, what the cunning devils are planning this time is to stir fry a selection of meats, vegetables and sauces and cause us all to die by overeating. It's a cunning plan and I think they may succeed.


I went to the Mongolian barbecue for dinner. The gumph on their website claims that it is based on Kublai Khan's warriors cooking dinner on their shields - which considering the majority of the Khan's armies never used shields (they got in the way of firing bows) and those that did had small wooden ones, this is probably nonsense. Still, not a bad place to eat. Grab a bowl, fill it full of meat, vegetables and sauces and then they fry it up on a big metal thing. There's also some fancy stuff with sticks - and of course you can have as many bowls as you like, each different. There about 20 different sauces, 30 other flavourings, a range of meats and fish etc. The only problem is you have to be quite selective about what ingredients you put in your bowl. Some people were just sticking in anything and ended up with some really unpleasent combinations. I also had some 'Mongolina bread' which turned out to be spring roll wrappers dusted with dried parsley. Definitely worth a visit if you have a few friends and want atmosphere rather than haute cuisine.

Cake Blog

Poppy seed brownie; From a deli nearby called Olive. Excellent.


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