Tuesday 5/7/2005

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Diary and Notes

It was one of the quirks of being a PhD student that the money the government paid us to slave away at our slightly uneccessary projects came on a three monthly basis. The money wasn't a great deal, considerably less than that required to live like a normal person and was invariably gone long before the next payment went into the bank. It was a sorry, hand to mouth existence, much reminiscent of Charles Dickens characters having to pawn their Sunday best to make it through the week. Oh how we suffered.

You've no sympathy have you? I can tell.

When we got paid we were, as might obviously be the case, quite overjoyed. "Yippee!" We would all shout in unison, we can eat again this week and some of us would cry tears of joy and fall to the ground and thank the gods on high for their bounty.

To celebrate getting paid we always went out for a meal, often a curry but sometimes venturing into the deeper depths of Exeter for soemthing more unusual. Today, as I was in Exeter and we had just been paid, we went out, and this time to perhaps my favourite restaurant in the whole of the city, Red Square, which I have been to before (see 28/4/2005). There were ten of us in total, all a little drunk from our pool seesion in the Jolly Porter and we were hankering for some Russian hospitality (not a phrase you will often hear the English use).

So how was our trip to the communist, Eastern Blok dining that my mother would have so loved? Excellent, once again the food was truly superb, this place just can't be faulted. The mixed cold starter (a selection of buzhenina (roast pork), seledochka (marinaded herring), raznosoly (pickles), bakladjannaya ikra (cold ratatouille) and a variety of salads was just one of the best little things I've had in ages. We had a few vodkas and toasted getting paid, then another and toasted Dave finishing his write up and then another and toasted getting toasted. This is how we should be living, not forced to live off baked beans and birds eggs we stole from the local park.

If you are ever in Exeter (and it's not a Sunday of course) come to Red Square and have a feast. It's not too pricey (cost £30.00 per head including vodka and beer) and for an evening's unusual dining this may be just about the best for miles around.


Cake Blog

A Milky Bar Cookie: Given to me by Ed, who is now know as Ed the Duck as he had duck for dinner today and Ed the Duck used to be a well known childrens TV character. I think Ed the Duck had nibbled a bit off the edge before he gave it to me.


  • Mixed Zakuski
  • Few Stolichnya Gold Vodkas

  • Shashlyk Iz Svinini (Pork)
  • Assorted Vegetables