God is on Your Side?

Thursday 7/7/2005

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Diary and Notes

My blog is too flippant a place for a serious discussion of the bombings in London yesterday. I will say one or two things though:

If anyone who plants a bomb on a bus thinks that such an act will win them favour with any god, then I wonder what sort of a heaven they will be going to and what sort of a god they think is out there. My image of heaven would be populated with people who wish no harm to others and are open to the differences and odd quirks of our fellow men rather than populated with indescriminate mass murderers, religious bigots and misguided fools.

I'm also particularly worried about people stereotyping all muslims and thinking that they are in some way compliant. I have a lot of muslim friends and I know that they will be equally as horrified by this as anyone else. I can't see how these acts fit in with Islam and I don't think they can either.

However the people who do these things justify their actions to themselves, they are wrong. Whatever your argument, whatever it is you are trying to achieve, I can see no way that killing and maiming people you have never met, have never spoken to and know nothing about will help you achieve your aims.

If you think Allah smiles on your actions, I think you are clearly wrong.



My housemate Fran had her cousin Andy staying so we all went out for a curry in Rusholme. In the hopes of finding something different on the menu I suggested Lal Qila (the Red Fort) 123 Wilmslow Road. This is quite fantastic, the food is possibly the best I've had in Rusholme in years. Also they have some of the real traditional dishes that most restaurants only serve as Sunday specials. There was haleem, nihari and paey, I opted for the nihari - chunks of lamb, cooked for six hours in a rich gravy. It tasted like proper home made curry, well worth a visit. I'll be coming back for haleem soon and am quite looking foreward to it.

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Jelabi: From the Sanam Sweet Centre, Really just sugar and fat but great with a coffee.


  • Fish Tikka

  • Nihari
  • Pilau Rice
  • Roti