It's Good To Have Friends - Especially Those Who Send Cake

Thursday 9/6/2005

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Diary and Notes

Today I left the mean and dirty streets of Manchester, said goodbye to the dark mills and the omnipresent permadrizzle and headed South to the old slave port of Bristol where I shall be giving a talk later on Friday. I have decided to stay with my chum Spook, have a game of snooker, eat a fine curry and generally relax before the ordeal. "Curry? On a Thursday?" You may say, "I imagine it is already getting tricky to find something different on the menu, without going on Thursdays as well." You may be right, but I need a curry after a game of snooker and to settle my stomach before my ordeal tomorrow.

I did get a very good surprise before I set off to catch my train which should be mentioned - my chum Marc, who lives in Göttingen, Germany, sent me cakes, a selection of tasty little treats from one of the finest cake shops in all the world, Cron & Lanz (which I have piped on about on numerous occasions). When I got up this morning the postman handed me a yellow box with the distinctive Deutsche Post logo and I knew what was inside straight away. Oh, for I am blessed. What with these free cakes and an evening playing snooker and eating curry I must have angels sitting on my shoulders. I opened the box, examined the contents, grinned wildly and ate one just to see if they were up to scratch then packed the rest in my bag before heading off South.

More will no doubt be said of the cakes tomorrow but as for the snooker - I was rubbish. I haven't played in about seven years and couldn't pot a single ball (hardly) - I lost all three frames. We did get a very good curry at the Rajpoot in Clifton overlooking the downs. My jalfrezi was ok but Spook's chicken tikka masala was fantastic - I've included a photo to demonstrate. Instead of just frying up some naff chicken in a sauce, they make real chicken tikka (and excellent it was too) and give you a sauce to pour over. Much better I say, much better indeed.

More curry and cake tomorrow. Will this endless pleasure never cease?

Cake Blog

A Little walnut pastry: The first from the Cron & Lanz batch. Very tasty.


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