No More Ranting..?

Sunday 24/7/2005

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Diary and Notes

I have decided to stop ranting.

No more complaints, no more going on and on about how this doesn't work, or why do people do that, I shan't be ranting any more.

It's not that I have suddenly become full of the joys of spring and believe all is perfectly well with the world, it's just that I have had an epiphany and now see things differently. I have come to the understanding that the world is just too stupid to actually be like this and I must be living in some sort of nightmare which is neither real nor can I do anything about. I understand now that it is all an illusion and I shall observe disimpassioned while the maelstrom swirls around me and say "Oh well..."

If somebody wants to strap ten kilos of dynamite around their waist and walk into a throng of children then blow themselves up, just in the hopes that the soldier who's giving the children sweets will be taken down with them, then who am I to complain, this person obviously knows what he's doing, he's thought it through and it makes perfect sense to him and he knows his God will thank him at the end of the day. Who am I to judge or even spare a moment's consideration. I shall say "Oh well..." and make a cup of coffee. If people want to drive massive cars which require more energy to move the massive engine around than it requires to transport the entire family, while the Earth slowly warms up and drowns Florida, the Seychelles and most of South East Britain, why should I give a hoot. If you want to wander around like mindless drones buying useless crap that equally vacuous and brainwashed advertisers tell you to buy then good luck to you. Work forty hours a week so that you can have that Prada handbag, I shall feel sorrow that you feel the need, but I shall say nothing. I will complain no more - as I said I have had an epiphany.

The world is insane and there's nothing my harping on is going to do to change a single thing.

It is not fatalism that has overcome me, just freedom. I have woken up and suddenly I am free. I realise nothing outside of my own mind will change because of this, the world will be just as dangerously crazy as it ever was, people will still rip each other off, steal, hoard whilst others starve, murder for petty religious and philosophical beliefs, but while it happens all I am going to do is shrug my shoulders and say "Oh well..." and make a cup of coffee. I have had enough of it all and will say no more.

Excellent dinner by the way. I haven't cooked this for about fifteen years - I found the recipe ages ago in an old Chinese cookbook. I lost the book years ago, so cooked this from memory. It sounds odd but is worth a go if you feel like trying something different. And if you don't want to try something different, go out and have a Big Mac and fries. You know you want to really.

Oh and well done to the Metropolitan Police for shooting an innocent man in the head at point blank range, five times. He was obviously guilty of something otherwise why did he run when four men he had never seen before (and were not in any uniform or anything or announced they were police) pulled out submachines guns and started shouting at him. That's justice for you, he wont do that again.

Cake Blog

Mr Kipling raspberry Swiss Roll. Well done Mr Kipling. A giant slab of chemicals and refined sugar. What more can the people of the world ask for or expect?


  • Tea Smoked Pork with Cabbage.
  • Three Charm Rice


    Tea Smoked Pork
    250g Pork Loin
    2 cm Ginger
    1 Garlic Clove
    25g Rice
    25g Green Tea
    1 tsp Salt
    50g White Cabbage
    1 Tbsp Peanut Oil
    White Pepper
    Soy Sauce
    Three Charm Rice
    100g Rice
    1 Carrot
    1/2 Green Pepper
    4 Baby Sweetcorns
    1 tsp Groundnut Oil
    1 tsp Sesame Oil
    Soy Sauce
    White Pepper


  • Pork: Slice the ginger into thin strips and the garlic into thin slices. Simmer in 50ml water for about 10 minutes then add the pork and simmer for a further 10. Remove the pork and allow to dry. Place some foil in the bottom of a wok and pour on the salt, rice and green tea. Mix. Put the pork on a steamer over the tea and wrap the steamer in foil. Heat until the whole thing begins to smoke then turn the heat down and smoke for an hour. Remove the pork and stir fry with white cabbage, the garlic/ginger water (with the ginger and garlic as well) and some white pepper.
  • Chop the vegetables and fry in the peanut oil. Add the rice, fry then season with sesame oil, soy sauce and pepper.


    *All quantities are very approximate and for a single person