Syre, Thy Scullery Wench Hath Dropped a Clanger

Thursday 28/7/1575

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Diary and Notes

From the diary of Horace Bluebottom, head manservant to Lord and Lady Whigton:

Ye lady hath requested a pye that she may entertain her gestes at supper. We set about Ye mayking of such with much enthusiasm, for when a pye is made theyre always be plenty for Ye servants and for Ye dogs. I did order Ye scullery wench Fran to make for Ye pye some paste and to set to the chopping of these strange and forayn tubers which they are calling Ye batato. We dids't not know how Ye batatows were to be cooked, so like to Ye turneep and pumpkin we did peel and bake them in greese.

A fresh fowl was killed for Ye pye and we did take some dried fruits and spices to mayke Ye pye sweet, theyre also was some champingnons which we did find behind Ye roobarb patch where Ye toylet fowlings are tossed.

I set myself about Ye mayking of Ye filling for Ye pye and Fran set to Ye paste.

When I had finished and Ye fillings were ready I set to baking Ye paste but Fran had not made enough for Ye dyshe and a pye with no sydes was made. We didst pray that Ye lady woulds't not see our error and have us both flogged.

Twas a fine pye, both sweet and full of Ye flavor of Ye fowl. Ye batots were crispee and golden hued and Ye gests did eat until thay could eat no more.

We shall have pye for Ye breaking of our fast on Ye morrow also.

Cake Blog

A strawberry and clotted cream cake: From Café Nero.


  • Chycken Pye
  • Roast Batatoes
  • Bread


    Chycken Pye
    1 Large Chycken
    1 Small Pumpkin
    1/2 Pat Fresh Butter
    1/2 Pound Finest Flour
    10 Champignons
    20 Dryed Abricots
    20 Dryed Prunes
    Some Dryed Grapes
    Some Chopped Hazelnuts
    2 Egges
    Broth from a Boyled Fowl
    Some Cream
    Mixed Spices


  • Make a paste of Ye best flour, salt and butter and set this in the pantry to keep cold. Take thy chickin and skald him so as to remove the flesh and cut this into small peeces. Put thereto a good deale of pepper, gynger and other spices. Boile this with some pumpkin and champignons until these be soft. Add then dried fruits and nuts and Ye broth from a boyled fowl and mingle this all together. Thycken the mixture with cream, butter and flour. Roll flat Ye paste and bake a base for the pye. Fill Ye pye with the chyckin and fruits and two egges which have been boyled and cut. Top the pye with more paste. Bake until the paste be browned and so serve with potatoes and bread.


    *Thys should make a pye enough for six persons

    NOTE: Although they used to spell 'the' as 'Ye', it was still pronounced 'the'. Y was often substituted for th and thus 'Ye Olde Pye Shoppe' would still be 'The Old Pie Shop' not 'Ye Old Pie Shop' as people often incorrectly say.