Significantly Different?

Friday 29/7/2005

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Diary and Notes

I have spoken quite a bit to people I know about my blog and usually people seem quite impressed, especially with the amount of effort that goes into it. The odd person thinks it's a dumb idea, some people, mainly from abroad, think it's impossible for any British person to have that much of an idea about different things to eat to make it possible, and one or two have suggested I sod off and stop boring them with my stories about food.

One person did say something which worried me for a while, but after a bit of consideration I realised that I was panicking unessesarily - the subject of curries and whether I was actually living up to the rules of the game.

He suggested, perhaps correctly, that the criteria applied to significantly different may be a little more lax when applied to the Friday night curry than to the rest of the week. I think the general jist was that many curries, especially those from restaurants, are actually the same thing, just with a bit of added chilli, or some spinach or tomatoes - in reality, it is actually impossible to eat a significantly different curry every week for a year.

But I am certainly trying.

Ok, I am willing to accept that a lamb karahi and a lamb bhuna aren't altogether completely different. Nor perhaps is a chicken makhani and a chicken tikka masala, but I would argue that they are certainly different - you just need to be a bit of a curry connoiseur to appreciate the difference.

So to some it may seem that the curry challenge is all a bit of a con, but I disagree. The idea, (apart from the fact that I love curry and think a Friday isn't a Friday without one), is to try out all the different varieties on offer, to force myself to go for the unusual or the ones I normally would turn my nose up at. I am starting to run out of restaurant curries to pick and might have to start making rabbit or squid curry myself but at least I'm having a go and checking out what's on offer. Plus, without my Friday night challenge there are many fine curries I would never have tried, and what a shame that would be.


I went to see Batman Begins at the IMAX today - excellent. The strange thing is that the cinema was almost deserted. They only do one showing of big films at the IMAX and it costs no more than going to an ordinary cinema so I would have thought it would be heaving but it wasn't. It's a shame, for if people don't go to IMAX versions the film-makers will stop making IMAX prints and I'll miss out on that extra huge dimension and massive sound.

After the film I got a take away from Kashmiri Spice (where they sell mainly Kashmiri food). I had a sweet and quite spicy chicken Kashmir and quite a bit more besides. A feast for less than £10.00 and they delivered too. Fantastic.

Cake Blog

Apple and Toffee Danish: I had a toffee apple cream cake some time back, this was more a Normandy apple tart with a modern twist - extra sugar. From Tesco's.


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