See, It Isn't A Con After All

Saturday 30/7/2005

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Diary and Notes

My sister Kerry and her Husband Mark came to visit for the weekend. We had a very nice evening drinking beer in some of my old haunts, then they insisted we go for a curry (that's really why they had come so far). I tried to convince them that something different may be a good idea, especially after yesterday and me saying that finding different curries was almost impossible - but they were adamant, so curry it was.

I had been saving one special dish for just such an occasion. Some time ago 7/7/2005 I had en excellent curry called Nihari at the Lal Qila. This traditional Pakistani stew was excellent and I promised I'd go back to try their other speicality, Haleem, something I have never tried. So today it was Haleem day and here's why my curry challenge is such a good thing, now you will never have to order one by mistake.

It's not horrid, not horrid at all, but it isn't very nice either.

The description on the menu said it was lamb, ground and cooked with six different types of lentils. What it actually was was wallpaper paste, boiled and ganished with slices of ginger.

It had the texture of school dinner chicken stew without the flavour. Quite odd indeed. It wasn't spicy, nor did it appear to have any lamb, ground or otherwise. In fact without the texture I don't think it would have existed at all. Kerry claimed she saw a lentil in it somewhere but I think it was just wishful thinking.

So my advice is say no to Haleem. But I also think I have vindicated the curry challenge and spared anyone who reads this from making a serious mistake by ordering one themselves.

Cake Blog

Rhubarb Pie: This is the worst thing I have had on my cake blog ever. Firstly, I thought I had bought a cherry pie, but even though it said cherry on the packet, inside it was rhubarb. Secondly, it wasn't properly cooked, the pastry was white and soggy and horrid. Thirdly, the filling was bland and unpleasant. I will never buy a pie from Tescos again.


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