Unexpected Visitors

Friday 12/8/2005

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Diary and Notes

Oh no, visitors from the stupid lands. Jonbo wasn't a happy hobbit, not at all. He didn't mind when other hobbits popped in for a slice of pie, or a jug of beer, he didn't even mind if they stayed a few days and ate all his cake, but visitors from those far off country places where the more 'rural' hobbits dwell, those who don't travel much or go into the Green Dragon for pints of foaming ale with the other hobbits, this wasn't his thing at all.

Poor old Jonbo Borrins was being visited by his extended family - the ones from right at the other end of the shire where things go more slowly and they have odd country ways that poor Jonbo does't really understand. And on a curryday as well, this was the worst thing of all.

You see, country hobbits aren't like the more gregarious town hobbits very much at all. The country hobbit tends to be more reserved, more frightened of the strange and not particularly fond of anything that is considered foreign. They like hearty meals just like the town hobbits, but they are generally not fond of spicy food, garlic or odd vegetables - meat and potatoes is what your rural hobbit eats, meat and potatoes and pretty much nothing else. What was poor old Jonbo Borrins to do?

But then he remembered a letter he had recieved some days before (one of the new magic letters that the wizards had installed via the mystic scyring screens at his work). He wasn't sure where in Middle Earth the letter had come from but it was on the subject of one of Jonbo's favourite things: The spicy food of the Oliphaunt riders of the East, and contained a recipe for something which just might satisfy both his need for a spicy dinner and something with meat and potatoes for the stupid hobbits who were descending like a ravenous plague on his den.

Lagan Seekh was the answer, a dish from the East made from those most hobbity of ingredients, meat and potatoes. In fact it was very similar to the famous hobbit dish, cottage pie, only with some extra flavour built in (and some egg on top).

So Jonbo had a go at this lagan seekh and mighty tasty it was too. His guests turned up a little late and the dish had dried out somewhat through over baking but it was a tasty dish, not too spicy for his country relatives, but just spicy enough that with some lime pickly, chilli sauce and spicy onion relish, Jonbo had a tasty supper as well.

Sing ho for the men of the East and for Kayser who sent the magical letter.

Sing ho for the wizards and their mystic scrying screens.

And sing ho for the day when Jonbo's relatives go back home.

Cake Blog

Pecan Pie


  • Japanese Style Prawns

  • Lagan Seekh
  • Chapattis
  • Chutneys


    Japanese Prawns
    500g Prawns
    1 Tbsp Mirin
    1/2 tsp Sansho Pepper
    1/2 tsp Tagarashi (Japanese Chilli)
    1 Tbsp Shoyu Sauce
    Lagan Seekh
    750g Minced Beef
    2 Onions
    6 Green Chillis
    3 Cloves Garlic
    2 cm Ginger
    1 Tbsp Mustard Oil
    1 tsp Turmeric
    1 Tbsp Garam Masala
    2 tsp Paprika
    1 Kg Potatoes
    3 Eggs
    Salt and Pepper


  • Prawns: Marinade in mirin/sansho etc. Steam in the marinade in a really hot wok until pink.
  • (This is Kayser's recipe except I added some browned onions to the meat before baking):

    Marinade the minced beef with minced garlic and ginger, turmeric, salt, paprika and garam masala. Leave this overnight. When ready to cook, peel and thinly slice the potato and lay 1/3 on bottom of a casserole dish, add half of the mince on top, 1/3 of potatoes, then mince and then the rest of the potatoes. Make sure it fits nicely, though little gaps are good. Bake until the potato starts to brown then pour over the whisked egg (with a little salt and pepper). In a separate pan, heat a little oil and pour this over the egg so that the egg starts cooking, and bake the whole thing until the egg is cooked.


    *All quantities are very approximate and for four people