Rain Stops Play

Saturday 13/8/2005

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Diary and Notes

Aah a rainy day in Manchester. I think that the Australian cricket team have brought an aboriginal medicine man with them and he's casting rain spells and preventing England from trashing them. It's a cunning ploy and I've discussed this with a few people and we think it may be true.

And boy did it rain - the heavens opened and down it came.

My relatives were not happy to say the least. We were planning on going into town to do some shopping and see the sights but they gave up after ten minutes claiming the bad weather was too much for them - I warned them to bring umberellas.

The weather forecast was for it to clear up nicely in the afternoon and to be clear and bright in the evening. As such, I though a nice barbecue and a game of petanque in the back garden should keep them occupied and set about fashioning some massive burgers to cook up later (each burger being about 200g - 7 ounces).

Only the Australian witch doctor had done his work well and the rain kept on coming.

I could almost hear his footsteps on the ground as he tapped away - imploring the bunyips and other bush spirits to bring rain to our fair city - rain, rain and more rain and spare the Aussies a drubbing.

So the barbecue was off and the Aussies were saved a day of humiliation. If I see any aboriginal witch doctors wandering around town I'll have at 'em with my brolly.

Sunshine tomrrow - then they'll suffer.

And of course I cooked the brugers inside instead - it's not use dodging a good burger when one is on the menu.

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Apple Victoria Sponge


  • Cheeseburger
  • Spicy Potato Wedges
  • Salad (Artichoke Heart, Tomato, Cucumber, Pepper, Olives, Spinach and Lettuce)
  • Crisps

    I wont write down how to make a burger or spicy wedges. The burger was made from Aberdeen Angus beef (though I think Exmoor Red Ruby is actually better for burgers but you just can't get it here) seasoned with a little onion, pepper, celery salt and oregano. The wedges were flavoured with a little cajun spice.


    *All quantities are very approximate and for a single person