They Do Like Their Tomatoes Don't They?

Wednesday 17/8/2005

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Diary and Notes

Stuffed tomatoes in tomato sauce, spaghetti in tomato sauce as well - is it La Tomatina time in Valencia?

No, sorry, it's just that I went out for an Italian meal and there seemed to be quite a bit of tomato going on - it's lucky I like tomatoes.

It's also lucky I like Italian food as I'm off to Italy on Sunday for a week's holiday - don't worry I'll take photos of all the lovely things I get to eat.

Today's Italian feast was supplied by Giorgios - a more interesting Italian restaurant than many in that it doesn't just do pizza and pasta - there's a fair selection of antipasti, meat, fish and side dishes - everything a noshblogger like me could desire.

So apart from everything having more than a hint of tomato, how was the food?

Not bad at all. The pomodori ripieni were tomatoes stuffed with crab, tuna and prawns in a fishy tomato soup and the vitello milanese was some thin breaded pan fried veal with spaghetti in tomato sauce. The veal could have done with a bit more seasoning but apart from that, not a bad dinner at all - and it went very well with a bottle of cheap house red too.

So if you're in town and looking for a proper Italian meal and a glass of wine I would recommend heading onto Portland Street and stopping here. I'm giving the place 3 ¼ tomatoes out of a maximum 4 ½ tomatoes plus a squab (they didn't win the squab as that is awarded for dessert and I had mine at home afterwards - the pub was calling and beer won over something sweet).

And as it's such a lovely day I am off for a good skive - that's why today's blog is so short. We don't get much summer in rainy Manchester and what we do get is too good to waste. See you in the park for rounders..?

Cake Blog

Gü Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake: I had a different Gü concoction earlier in the year. They do some really top notch chocolate puds. These ones even came with little glass ramekins which I will keep to make mousse and souflé in. Not bad at all - I ate two - but could have managed more if there was more.


  • Pomodori Ripieni

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