Uh, Just One More Thing Sir...

Friday 19/8/2005

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Diary and Notes

You'd have thought after all this time I'd have learned that when I go out for dinner I should take a pen with me so I can write down what I eat. The worlds greatest detective, Columbo wouldn't have needed a pen as he had a photographic memory but unfortunately I'm not Columbo. (Though there is a connection with today's dinner - can you guess what it is?) Realising I had forgotten to bring a pen I decided to grab a take away menu on on my way out so that I would know the names of what we'd ordered - but I am a forgetful chap at the best of times and forgot the menu as well. Columbo would not have been proud of me at all.

It's a shame really as last night's curry was one of the best I've had all year - I will definitely be coming here again.

Last night we went to the King Cobra, a Sri lankan restaurant in Rusholme and had traditional Sri Lankan food - they also do the standard range of 'British' curries but we thought "When in Rome" and opted for their local dishes instead and fantastic they were.

So Columbo how was it?

"Well sir it's like this, me and missus Columbo don't eat much Indian food, we normally eat Italian."

But wasn't there an Indian chef in the episode where the restaurant critic was killing off top chefs? And you ate just about everything you saw in that one - and cooked some veal steaks as I recall.

"Uh no sir, you seem to be mistaken. You are of course thinking of the episode Murder Under Glass but there were no Indian chefs, maybe you are thinking of Mr Ozu the Sushi chef."

Aah yes, and the dreaded fugu, which almost did for Homer Simpson as well.

"For someone who is very forgetful you seem pretty good at remembering tv trivia sir."

It's a curse Detectvie, a dreadful curse.

So anyway, I can't remember the names of the dishes we had, but not a single thing wasn't up to my exacting standards. The starters were good, the main dishes were excellent, everything was spicy but not overpowering, all freshly made and surprisingly different. This is the only restaurant curry I've had in Manchester where they actually used fresh neem leaves for instance. Also I think the rice was the best I've had in a restaurant ever - just perfect.

So on my scale of 1970's T.V. detective programmes, which go as follows (best to worst):

  • Columbo
  • Starskey and Hutch
  • Shoestring
  • Kojak
  • Magnu P.I.
  • Bergerac
  • The Chinese Detective
  • Hart to Hart
  • T.J. Hooker
  • Juliet Bravo

    I'd give the place something between the Professionals and Taggart - but way above the Gentle Touch, which was unmitigated toss.

    Cake Blog

    A cute little gingerbread man from Starbucks. I should have taken a sadistic bunch of photos of him in various stages of being eaten, but I didn't think of it until he was down to his last leg and nothing else.


  • Poppadoms
  • Chutneys

  • Chicken Wings Pencaken
  • Fish Balls
  • Chicken Something Else

  • Beef Baddam (Quite similar to the Korean dish, bulgogi - superb)
  • Sri lankan Lamb Curry (Creamy and very nice indeed)
  • Sri Lankan Prawn Curry (Big prawns, thin soupy and hot/sharp sauce - top hole indeed)
  • Rice (It's not often the rice is this good anywhere)
  • Naan