Aah, Liver, That's an Economical Meal

Monday 1/8/2005

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Diary and Notes

Café Dubois: Sarlat, France. It's Jean-Charles's first day:

"Eh Jaques, there's some sale anglais outside ordering calves' liver."

"Give eem the pigs liver instead, e' wont notice the difference." Jaques carried on smoking his Gitanes. "And throw some of that stale mayonnaise on top - tell 'im it's the speciality de la maison, they all go for that crap."

"And 'e wants a bottle of wine... what's the plan when ze English order wine."

"Get on an old bottle from the bin and pour in any left overs you can find - and use ze ashtrays too, zey always 'ave some spilt wine in. If there is some ash don't worry - tell eem it's crystals and is au naturel. 'Ee wont say anything, then 'eel go 'ome and write some crap book about 'ow French food is great and 'ow we all cycle around like Jaques Tatti wiz our knees around our ears and wiz berets on and onions, but we are all salt of ze earth and 'ave more culture and all like Berlioz and John Coltrane. Zee stupid prats. And don't forget to give 'im a bottle of ketchup too, and be rude, zey always give big tips when you are rude."

"But I prefer Michael Jackson, I 'ate classical music and le jazz hot."

"So do we all Jean, so do we all."


French bistro food today - a tasty bit of calves' liver and a quick sauce. I didn't realise how much my two thin slivers of liver had cost until I got home - £3.76! I could have got a piece of sirloin for that. It was pretty tasty though - I can almost see why it's so expensive - almost.

Cake Blog

Spotted Dick: Another steamed pud from Tescos. Not a touch on home made, a little gluey and an odd colour.


  • Pan Fried Calves' Liver with Brandy Sauce
  • Fried Potatoes
  • Petits Pois
  • Grilled Tomato
  • Bread and Butter


    Pan Fried Calves' Liver
    200g Calves Liver
    Little Flour
    1 Tbsp Olive Oil
    Dash Brandy
    Salt and Pepper
    Brandy Sauce
    Pan Juices From the Calves' Liver
    Knob Butter
    1 Tbsp Brandy
    2 tsp Dijon Mustard
    50ml Single Cream
    Fresh Parsley
    Salt and Pepper


  • Pat the liver dry with some kitchen paper and dust with seasoned flour. Fry for about 2 minutes per side (so as it's still a little pink in the middle), pour over a little brandy and set alight and flambé for about 30 seconds. Blow the flames out and set the liver aside while you make the sauce. Add a knob of butter and mix. Add a drop more brandy and some mustard. Stir well. When the mustard has all dissolved pour in the cream - season, add a little parsley.


    *All quantities are very approximate and for a single person