The Real McCoy?

Friday 5/8/2005

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Diary and Notes


I' m not sure whether to slag them off or give them a good review - it all depends on what you ordered and how you like you curries I suppose. But on one account they are getting a real slating.

Today we went out to a Nepalese restaurant in Levenshulme near to where I live. I may be a bit biased here but I'm not generally a fan of the Nepalese style of doing curries - always a bit sickly and creamy with not enough chillis to make my nose run - but in my endeavour to try all curries and to bring you all the delights of the East I thought I'd give it a go.

To those who are not from Manchester I should -perhaps point out that Levenshulme is not generally considered one of the more 'upmarket' places to be going out. There aren't loads of trendy wine bars and nightclubs. It does have a fair selection of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi restaurants though and one or two African ones as well, but apart from a good curry, the area is generally a bit on the grotty side - and the restaurant today had done everything in their power to break away from this image and make everything feel like you were somewhere 'posh' - only it all seemed to have been done on the cheap and the decor was a little spartan to say the least.

Still, we don't go to places for the decor do we? - What's the food like Jonny Boy?

As I said earlier, it all depends on what you order. Everything looked really good, they'd gone to some lengths to get the presentation right but as with most Nepalese food it just wasn't enough of a curry to be getting any stars in my book - plus they told a great fib on the menu which cannot be forgiven - they said their vegetable pakora were the real McCoy (their words) and they weren't - they were dry and bland and didn't even have any mint yoghurt to cover the fact. Shame on you, shame indeed.

My chums had much better starters - some chickeny thing was excellent - in fact everyone who ordered chicken got a real top quality dish and it was the same with the main courses. It seems that if you order chicken here you are going to get a real treat - just don't have the pakora - nor the spinach balls (Khazaan-E-Lazzat) in creamy tomato sauce.

All in all not bad. A little odd with the food ranging from absolutely top notch, to don't bother coming here again, with nothing in between. Maybe I'll go again and try a few different dishes and see if we were just unlucky with some of today's - but naff pakora is hard to forgive.


New Himalaya Restaurant: 945 Stockport Road M19 - 0161 248 8882

Cake Blog

Loaded Chocolate Cake: From the Tesco's finest range. Not bad at all.


  • Poppadoms and Chutneys

  • Mixed Vegetable Pakora (bad)

  • Chicken Nentara (excellent)
  • Chooza Makhani (exellent)
  • Khazaan-E-Lazzat (bad)
  • Basmati Rice (rice)
  • Stuffed Kulcha (excellent)