The Enchilada Kid Rides into the Sunset

Tuesday 20/9/2005


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Diary and Notes

Having eluded Swooping Eagle and the proposed marriage to one of his unfortunately faced daughters, the kid is riding back to his beloved Maria - a plate of steaming hot enchiladas and a cup of warm milk the only thought in his mind. A freezing wind blows from the North and snow is beginning to fall.

Thunderbird, the Kid's horse, struggles onward - it has been three days since it has properly rested. It struggles against the oncoming blizzard but the kid knows that if they stop to rest the snow will cover the ground and they may never make it. "We've travelled a hundred miles Thunderbird, only thirty or so more to go, we'll be home by morning and you can sleep and eat grass until the summer comes." He pats his best friend's neck and sensing his love, the horse speeds a little, the thought of the sweet grass of Texas in its mind.

The night comes down slowly and the blizzard becomes stronger - the wind freezes the bones and makes it almost impossible to see even the ground beneath Thundrebird's feet, but his step is sure and he knows the way now, only ten miles and there will be a warm stable and soft straw to rest on. Far, far away in the distance the smoke from Maria's canteena rises into the sky - a beacon for the weary traveller, but through the snow it signals vainly and only the memory of the trail and the sixth sense of the cowboy guides the way.

Just three miles left to go and The Kid's hands and feet are frozen stiff. Beneath him Thunderbird forces his way through the drifts which now come right up to The Kid's feet. Every pace drains his strength and the cold saps the beasts will - but Thunderbird is strong and knows that rest will soon be his - "Just keep on walking my friend, one step at a time."

Only one mile remains and Thunderbird is weary, he can no longer carry The Kid nor remember the way - but The Kid has strength left and leads the way. His muscles ache with every step but he knows that soon he will be in the arms of Maria.

Every minute that passes Thunderbird seems to become more and more weary - every step seems more laboured, The Kid urges him onwards, "You can rest soon old pal." But The Kid is tired too and the snow is now almost up to his waist.

One hundred yards and Thunderbird stumbles and falls. The Kid tries to help him to his feet, but the poor beast has no strength left. Just discernable through the blizzard are the lights of Maria's canteena, The Kid can almost smell the fire and feel its warmth, but he can't leave poor Thundrebird alone - maybe just a minute or two to allow his old friend to recover, for a Texan never deserts a friend in need...

They found The Kid and poor Thunderbird half buried in the snow, less than one hundred yards from the fires of home - The Kid's arms wrapped around his horse's neck and their bodies huddled for warmth.

And so ends the tale of the Enchilada Kid, gone to the great canteena in the sky. And Thunderbird is with him, where the grass is long and the sun shines warm on his back. And they wait for Maria and for the day they will be together again.

Cake Blog

  • Sticky Toffee Ginger Pudding: Another from the Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. Good but exceedingly sweet.


  • Chilaquiles
  • Rice with Coriander and Parsley
  • Sweet Potato and Roast Pepper Salsa


    100g Minced Beef
    100g Minced Pork
    1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
    1 Onion
    1 Clove Garlic
    2 Green Chillis
    1 tsp Hot Chilli Powder
    ½ tsp Cumin Powder
    ½ tsp Cinnamon
    ½ tsp Black Pepper
    1 tsp Oregano
    2 Tomatoes
    100g Cheddar Cheese
    2 Corn Tortillas
    Oil for Frying
    Sweet Potato and Pepper Salsa
    1 Sweet Potato
    1 Red Pepper
    ½ Lime
    1 Orange
    Fresh Coriander
    1 Green Chilli


  • Chilaquiles: Dice the onion, chop the chilli and mince the garlic. Fry gently in a little oil until the onion begins to soften then add the cumin and cinnamon. Stir, then add the meat and fry, moving all the time to break up any clumps. When the meat is cooked cut the tortillas into strips and fry in oil for about a minute to crisp. Drain and dab with kitchen paper to remove excess fat. In an ovenproof dish place a layer of meat (½ the amount), then tortilla slices, then sliced tomato then cheese, sprinkle with oregano and black pepper then repeat the layers. Bake in an oven until the cheese melts.
  • Salsa: Peel the sweet potato and cut into small cubes. Boil for 5 minutes in unsalted water then drain. Place the pepper under a really hot grill and grill all over until the skin is blistered - place in a plastic bag and seal the end to allow it to sweat. When cool the skin should peel off really easily. Chop the pepper (discarding seeds etc) and mix with the sweet potato, lime juice, orange juice, chilli and coriander. Chill for an hour before eating.


    *All quantities are very approximate and for a single person