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Friday 23/9/2005

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Diary and Notes

Phew, I'm glad to be back. Loughborough was great, the conference had some interesting talks (and one particularly bizarre one called 'formal parallels between counciousness and quantum theory' which as far as I can tell had just about everybody completely baffled) and I got the chance to catch up with some old chums - but it's good to be back home, especially as I am now completely knackered due to staying up drinking until 2.00 too many nights on the trot.

I managed to scrounge a lift back home and thus avoided to dreary train journey and got back in plenty of time for my Friday night curry experience - curry then bed, that's the plan.

If anyone is interested here are few interesting snippets I learned whilst attending the conference (I've omitted any overly technical things as these might not be so interesting to people who aren't mathematicians):

An 11 year old boy who had to have one entire half of his brain removed is now 16 years old and shows no adverse symptoms whatsoever.

The Egyptian cotton moth can detect such tiny concentrations of pheremones that 10-18 grammes of the stuff landing on its antennae will be detected. The weird thing is that it requires 10-9 grammes (100 million times as much) to show any response in any of the neurones which detect the stuff.

The weakly electric fish talk to each other electronically.

Isn't the brain a strange and wonderful thing?


The curry today was courtesy of the Sajan in Rusholme. I had an excellent chicken rosela which wasn't particularly spicy (even though we asked for it to be) but was damnably tasty anyway - came with loads of fried onions on top. My chum Fran had something red and chicken-tikka based but I can't remember what it was called. The saag paneer was excellent, one of the best I can recall eating.

I took a take away menu so that I could write the address/telephone number of the Sajan (as I normally do) but strangely the menu wasn't for the Sajan but for the Shaandaar which is further along the street. I am assuming the restaurants are run by the same people and are sharing take away menus. Neither my dish nor Fran's were listed on the take away menu and that's why I can't recall what her's was called.

Cake Blog

Coconut Ice: Hand made by in Llangollen by uncle Peter. Not my uncle Peter, he's currently doing 15 to life for piracy on the high seas, but by Uncle Peter's Fudge of Llangollen. I bought it at the market in Picadilly.


  • Chicken Rosela
  • Saag Paneer (Spinach and Curd Cheese)
  • Pilau Rice
  • Naan Bread